Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Progress on my dress for the wedding

Last weekend I had significant chunks of time to work on my dress for the wedding.

I had already modified the pattern, Butterick 6582, a while ago, which included cutting quite a bit off the length (and then of course shifting the slit up). I underlined all pieces with batiste following Shannon's footsteps. One of the pictures shows the tailor's basting stitch that I learned to do from Threads magazine. I found out that I wasted some time basting what I thought was Sew-sheer interfacing to the facings and it turned out it was So-Sheer (fusing interfacing). At least I didn't ruin any pieces and just had to undo the basting and fuse instead.

The construction has gone well, this is a simple dress with an interesting neckline. The side seams are basted and now that I have the zipper I will put it in and see how it all fits. The fabric is silk taffeta from Kashi's Metro Textiles.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A little bit of everything

I found out yesterday that in a week one of my bathroom will be redone so I needed to finally decide on what I wanted (wall tile, floor tile, vanity,etc) NOW because you never know how long it will take to get the materials. Today I went to a supplier and it turns out that he had available the wall tile and accent tile I like. So tonight DH and I are figuring it out how much we need since the tile is reserved for me but only for 2 days. I still need to find floor tile and decide on the vanity but I'm closer that I have been in months...I guess I just needed a deadline.

Last night I cut out my dress for the wedding (fashion fabric and interlining). I hope tomorrow to cut out the sew-in interfacing and order the zippers and some other supplies I need. The muslin for my future SIL should reach her tomorrow and we'll go from there.

I'm still working on Juliett. I'm on the lace pattern now which makes the knitting more interesting, of course you also have to pay more attention.

Spring is on its way although it was cold (40s) again today. My garden is waking up so I will spend more time outdoors soon. I'm excited that this year my tulips all decided to pop up. I will take pictures when they reach their peak.

The above picture shows a fountain in the new children's garden in Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania. I adore this fountain, I like it so much I tried convincing my husband he needed to learn a new hobby, when that didn't work I started wondering if there was a waiting list for when the gardens were changed again and they wouldn't need this fountain anymore... Anyways I guess I can always visit anytime and not only see this fountain but all the other wonderful structures they have there. If you leave in the vicinity don't miss it!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday musings

So I find this morning at the bus stop that my kids have a half day...there went my plan which included a long visit to Joann's and Borders (conveniently located next to each other). I've had a busy week and was looking forward to just browsing through the things I love, knitting and sewing supplies, magazines and books. Well I went anyways just had to be a quick visit and took advantage of the notions wall 50% sale and bought thread for the dresses I'm working on. Oh! And the new Vogues were not in...

If you are wondering what's the story with the shoes, about a week ago I saw and fell in love with the above shoes, they just say "spring" to me. I couldn't buy them that day because I was in a hurry so...I found them online for cheaper. How could I resist?

My future SIL received the muslin and she says it fits perfect and that she loves it! How cool is that? I'll get some pictures of her in it this weekend and then I can work on the silk fabric. I am so excited about this project!!!

I'm reading a book by Laura Lippman the 4th in her Tess Monahann series. I love reading books that take place in the vicinity of where I live, Tess Monahann is a private detective that lives and works in Baltimore. In this book she ends up in a diner in Enchanted Forest which is down the road from me! If you haven't read any of her books and you like mysteries I highly recommend her.

That's it for now. Hope you all have a great weekend!