Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A year in review

After reading all the posts on this topic I was curious as to how much I actually produced this year. Because I also knit and crochet I included also those items.
I counted 12 garments and one Halloween outfit that included a top, vest, pants and hood. I knitted 8 items and crocheted three.

My biggest accomplishment was making my SIL wedding dress, this required a number of muslins before the final dress was made. I learned how to make a FBA (full bust adjustment)and how to fit someone else, I have sewn for my boys and husband but I had never fitted another female body.

I am proud of my crocheted skirt, it is my only crocheted garment so far.

The Tilted Duster I loved from the moment I first saw it and I'm thrilled that I finished it.

I also just finished (in between my son's pneumonia and mine) a quilt top. This is a gift for my brother and SIL, and my goal was to have at least the quilt top done so that they could see it at Christmas. I plan to finish it soon and then I will post a picture.

I loved making two party dresses for myself this year. A vintage Butterick for my brother's wedding and the Burda WOF Duchess dress for a friend's wedding.

My list is modest but I have enjoyed every single item. I am not a fast sewer and I still do a lot of reading when starting most projects. I try to incorporate a new technique in most everything I make. I can say the same for knitting and crocheting. Anyways don't they say that the more you know the more you realize how little you know?

Friday, December 12, 2008

A number of things...

First, today my son saw the doctor and his lungs sound great so he is ready to go to school on Monday. Now he has to play catch up, thankfully some of his teachers have posted the assignments and he will do as much as he can before he goes back.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to one of my favorite LYS The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop. They are having a big sale because if they can't find a buyer soon they are closing their doors, another sign of the times. Anyways here is what I got:

The pattern is from Wendy Bernard's book Custom Knits. She writes a wonderfully witty blog Knit and Tonic and I love her designs. This book concentrates on top-down designs (minimal seaming) and how to modify the patterns to fit your body. The yarn might be too stiff I don't know yet, but I loved the color and I wanted a yarn that would allow the funnel neck to stand.

This hat from the Vogue Knitting holiday 2008 issue caught my eye right away. The yarn is a soft merino wool.

These I got to make a toddler hat for a gift. The yarn is very practical, acrylic, soft and washable which is what you want. The pattern I'll use is from a class I took many years ago where I got to learn I cord and color work. It knits up fast and keeps you entertained with the different techniques used.

The sewing project I'm working on will remain a secret for a while, it is a Christmas gift. The Simplicity jacket is complete except for the hand work and has been put aside until more pressing sewing is done.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why don't I listen?

By the time one of your children is a teenager you figure that you have experienced most variation of illnesses out there. Well I guess I was missing really high fever (105) and this past week my time was up. My oldest started with a cough and then bam! 105 fever. You know one more degree and seizures are very likely. I was also dealing with vomiting and therefore how to get in him the Motrin and make it stay. I thought sponge baths were old wives tales but they do work. Today the fever without medication was about 100, great improvement. I hope it stays that way I have a deadline tonight to call the doctor if the fever doesn't let up.

And the title? Well in my sleepless nights induced fog I have tried to sew and everything I have done has come undone. When they suggest not to sew when you are tired take the suggestion, I can vouch that it will be wasted effort and on top you'll be more tired and frustrated to boot.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Progress on the jacket

I have made progress on the Simplicity 4500 jacket. As you can see it is missing the lining and the buttons/buttonholes. For easing the sleeves I used the method described by Ann in the Be Sew Stylish blog. I love the results! Not a pucker anywhere and on the first try. Check it out you'll love it.

Buttonholes markings