Friday, June 29, 2012

Simplicity 2443

Since I don't have anything brand new to show you...

I made this maxi for the NYC PR weekend in May and I loved wearing it. It was super comfy and I loved that my vision turned out the way I hoped!
 I had a piece of the purple ponte knit, leftover from another project and I loved how it looked next to the geometric ITY so after looking through my patterns I paired them with this pattern to make a maxi.
 I love the racer back!
Because the skirt was just a rectangle I just added the length I wanted at the hem. Due to shortage of the ITY the back skirt/rectangle is wider, therefore more there are more gathers than the front.  This pattern has been reviewed at PR I believe 66 times, of course some of those are for the jacket which is also a very nice pattern; I added mine since no one had turned it into a maxi.

Next post something new, the Vogue skirt has been cut, the top I had to change because I did not have enough fabric for the top in that pattern. But that has been cut too,  I  leave the details for the next post!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Star-Spangled Sailabration

So this was another weekend without sewing, but it was a very fun weekend! Today I will share with you pictures from Saturday which I spent with my family in Baltimore being part of the Sailabration. For the start of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, 40 ships (tall and military) are docking at the Baltimore Harbor, the public can visit the ships, enjoy daily air shows (Blue Angels are featured!), fire works, etc.

My family and I started at the Inner Harbor and partially walked and took public transportation to get to Fells Point where we could tour military vessels.

Once in Fells Point we had lunch at Stuggy's, best hot dog I've ever had!

My husband and youngest had fun taking the above pictures with my husband's phone. Aren't they fun?

We toured the HMCS Iroquois a Canadian Navy Destroyer

While waiting on line and after the ship's tour we had a chance to see the Blue Angels performing, super impressive!

Pictures from the ship's deck

Fell's Point neighborhood
Do you remember the series Homicide:Life on the street? Then the above building should look familiar. So sad that it is boarded up.

In the late afternoon there were more people at the harbor than when we first arrived...

Mexican tall ship detail

We had a wonderful day with beautiful weather, pleasant and helpful people from the tourists to those working the booths and  driving the buses. It is  a well organized event and congratulations should go out to all those responsible. If you still can make it do so, you won't regret it!.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New to me patterns and the next project

During PR weekend we had a pattern exchange. I took quite a few patterns with me with the idea that no patterns would follow me home. Of course I couldn't resist looking and therefore I found. Of the above patterns the two Vogues I picked up at the exchange, the Jalie vest I won at the dinner and the dress I bought. I liked the Jalie dress pattern since it first came out and then I was told that the Jalie method for binding the neckline was worth the price of the pattern, of course I caved in.

The vintage patterns below came from the exchange, they are all small sizes, but I figure if I didn't want to alter them for me I could use them in theater sewing in the future.

Right now I'm in the middle of organizing my cellar. We bought racks and extra bins and I'm almost done! I have enough room to also put my sewing and knitting magazines there which will clear up space in a few rooms, so I'm thrilled. What do I want to work on next? Well, these two fabrics jumped out at me to use in Vogue 1247, I hope there's enough fabric, I'll keep you posted! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pushing Daisies

The first DVD for this show was on my Netflix list and it came a few days ago. I had heard about the fashions in the show and was curious enough to take a look. It is a very visually pleasing show, beautiful sets, beautiful clothes and actually very funny, I found myself laughing out loud quite often.
I have only watched one episode and was surprised to see the dress below

 Of course my crochet dress came to mind!

Apparently the same dress from the show was available at Macy's at some point, but I made my own, thank you!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Burda Style 2/2007 Dress 123

This dress was on my list to make a long time. I made it to take with me to PR weekend, and I did but never wore it. The sash that comes with the pattern turned out too short, don't ask me why and since I don't have enough fabric to make another one I will wear it with a belt; I think it also looks ok sans belt.

Nothing exciting going on in the back

Be aware when making this pattern that the front is doubled, since it is a mock wrap, only the bodice is a wrap. You will need a pretty lightweight fabric and make sure the shoulder seams are stabilized with your preferred notion.

When I put on this outfit this morning I thought I was giving Sally from Already Pretty, the self-claimed matchy-matchy queen some competition. After all take a look at my jewelry also...

Necklace is a souvenir from the flea market I went to in NYC

I do like the sweetheart neckline in this pattern, but it is low...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shirley Paden Square Bodice Pullover

I was reading a post by The Sewing Lawyer about what she called The World's Oldest UFO; while mine doesn't compete (started in 2008), it is still old, and now is finished yay! This is the Square Bodice Pullover Interweave Knits Magazine Spring 2003.

I'm very pleased with how this turned out after all I struggled. The yarn Paton's Grace is very pretty and pleasant to work with. I modified the neckline and made it not as wide as the original by binding off less stitches in the center, with my narrow shoulders wide necklines just fall off. Because of this the crochet neckline finish had to change, which I explain in my Ravelry project page for those of you that are interested.

I had the perfect weather day today to wear it, cool and breezy!

By the way I am loving my short haircut; I have no patience for hair and my stylist knowing me has given a minimum fuzz cut, this is the look of just wash and go, I didn't even have time this morning for any hair product!

Sewing up the seams in this sweater has been the only sewing I have done since my weekend in NYC, I have a zillion projects in my wish list, let's see which one makes it to the top!