Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A mystery gift

One of the moms that help out with theater gave me the above roll of pins. It looks like a ribbon of pins perfectly aligned pins. She received it from her mother in law I believe and since she doesn't sew that much she gave it to me. From what I gather it was used in a machine but the exact purpose or manner I'm not clear on. I did a bit of research  online but couldn't find much.
Here is the pin size comparison, they remind me of applique pins.

Anyone have a clue?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

I know that I have been giving you lots of teasers lately and no completed projects, although I have finished them. I promise next post will have proof! So yet again I'm showing you what is occupying all of my free time.

Ultimamente nada más que le he hablado de los proyectos que estoy haciendo sin enseñarles el resultado. Bueno prometo que lo próximo será prueba de que verdad he terminado esos proyectos. Pero hoy les muestro lo que está ocupando todo mi tiempo libre.

It is once again time for the spring musical at my son's high school where I am heavily involved with wardrobe.

Es hora otra vez del espectáculo musical en el bachillerato de mi hijo donde yo ayudo con el vestuario.

I am at the moment working on Belle's blue dress. My inspiration, this beautiful Broadway musical version

En estos momentos estoy trabajando en el vestido azul de Belle. Mi inspiración, esta bella versión de Broadway.

Here is a peak of mine

Este es el mío

I'm actually using the skirt from a Laura Ashley dress that had been donated to the school, because it was the perfect royal blue color and a beautiful cotton damask. To the skirt I am attaching a white blouse I'm making and then on top is the corset which I modified to close in the back with a zipper and I will create a mock laced up closing in the front.

Estoy usando la saya de un vestido de Laura Ashley que alguien donó a la escuela pues es el color perfecto y la tela es un damasco de algodón precioso.  A la saya le voy a unir una blusa, para hacerlo una pieza y encima va el corset (modificado para que abra atrás y en el frente voy a agregar una abertura de mentirita).

For the blouse I'm using McCalls 6793, without the peplum since I'm attaching it to the skirt. The skirt is so heavy I will be adding a waist stay so that it doesn't pull down on the blouse.

Para la blusa estoy usando McCalls 6793 sin el vuelo. 
La saya pesa tanto que voy a agregar una cinta en la cintura para que el peso no hale la blusa.

Here is the corset Simplicity 5582

I've had one fitting and ended up having to redo the blouse because I cut it too small for the actress. Saturday I get to look at all the costumes on the students and the director will approve or ask for possible changes. Also fittings will be refined. I have another mom that helps me :-)

Ya hice una prueba con la estudiante y tuve que hacer el cuerpo de la blusa otra vez pues la corté muy chiquita. El sábado examinamos todo el vestuario y planearemos cambios o modificaciones. Menos mal que tengo otra mamá que me ayuda.

The amount of work is always unbelievable, but on opening night once the curtains open the satisfaction I feel makes me forget all the hours of work and it is  so worth it!

La cantidad de trabajo es increíble pero la primera noche cuando las cortinas abren y veo el conjunto en escena, la satisfacción es también increíble.