Monday, February 28, 2011

On with more cold weather sewing

I thought you might like to see the nun habit I just finished. I made two complete outfits but the robe is not worth showing, it is a shapeless tunic and in black which is impossible to photograph well. I will be delivering the costumes tomorrow in time for their costume parade, part of the festivities before the show starts.

Now I can go back to my My Image dress; it will be in the forties again tomorrow, I think I will still have a chance to wear this dress...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing with a deadline

My son this year joined the Stage Crew group at his high school; he is also taking Drama (Theater Arts) and he is really enjoying it from "behind the curtain". When his teacher asked for help from any seamstresses in the parent community how could I say no? So...My Image dress, (I'm making M1010)is waiting while I work on two nun costumes, Simplicity 2518.

They need to be done by March 5, so excuse me for now, I got to run!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Burda 01-2011 Number 126

I have been wanting to make this coat for a while and I remembered that I had this double sided wool/blend knit and that it would be perfect for this pattern. Of course finding the fabric took a while, I can identify with Carolyn who just wrote about being able to find fabric in your stash.

I stabilized the neckline at the back and the armholes at front and back with bias fusible tape.

I used my serger, yay!, to finish seams. Since this is a very simple pattern I wanted to show one interesting construction detail. There is a vertical dart that starts at the shoulder, close the front opening that ends a little above the bust point. I was looking at the directions thinking that they had forgotten to tell us to sew the dart, but they didn't. When attaching the collar to the back neckline you start at the center and keep sewing towards the dart and sew it in one swoop. You then do the other side the same way.

I could have used either side of this fabric and I considered using binding in the gray on the sleeves and hem. I decided that the long lines of this design would be better shown off without and I love the way it looks this way. Besides the gray peeks through all the time on the collar and when walking.

I love this coat and I highly recommend it, it is perfect for warmer days when you still feel a bit of chill.

Next up a dress from the winter My image magazine.

Addressing comments on V8663

the slapdash sewist asked me to share any tips on handling the facing at the neckline for Vogue 8663 and whether I had modified the skirt to give it more swing.

I did not use facings on this pattern as you can see in the photos below. The pattern instructed us to use pre-packaged bias seam binding to finish the neckline. I did not think this treatment would work well for my fabric so I just turned the allowance to the inside, top stitched and then trimmed close to the stitching.

I did not modify the skirt, this pattern has a swingy skirt.


Gail suggested that if I had a purple cardigan/jacket it would work very well with this dress.

Gail I actually tried on my purple cardigan on first and liked it, but I was in a monotone mood that day and went for the black. Great minds and all...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did you know

Image from

that Simplicity has named a pattern collection after me? Well not after me, but it has my name. Check out the Lisette Collection it's got some cute styles, a bit young, but we all know we can usually make any pattern work for us with the right alterations, fabric selection and accessories.

How could I not try a pattern from this beautifully named collection? ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vogue 8663

Edited-to-add: Audrey asked about the fabric print which I neglected to address. Yes, Audrey, I too fell in love with animal prints this year. I loved that the color was unusual for a leopard print. I bought it at Joann's at the beginning of the fall season.

There isn't much to say about this dress. It was a very easy knit dress with the so popular now pleated neckline. The pleats gave me the usual trouble, always have to play with them before settling on a look I like. I eliminated the zipper, the neckline was wide enough and although my knit was pretty stable it had enough stretch to allow putting on this dress without a problem.

As you can see my sleeves end above the elbow, I really had to squeeze this pattern on the fabric I had. Even though I eliminated the zipper I had to keep the seam on the back skirt to fit it in.

I'm wearing this dress as I type, so comfortable! I came home in between interpreting assignments to take some quick pictures (excuse the flash photography!)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Learning the serger

The Vogue dress is done but I haven't had a chance for pictures; I'll review it then just know that it was very easy to put together.

In the meantime I cut Burda 01/2011 Mod 126 out of a knit I bought at Metro Textiles, NY a while ago.

Since I wanted to use the serger to finish the edges, I threaded it with grey (the only color I have so far), and started experimenting. I'm quite proud of myself for overcoming my trepidations and making myself stop reading more books on sergers. I figure I can make small steps and now I can at least finish seams, construction with the serger is another thing...

Here is my fabric sample, the fabric is rust with a gray wrong side. I guess it could be considered double sided, the wrong side has a less noticeable rib pattern.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A knit dress

Vogue 8663, image from Vogue Patterns site

Last week was extremely busy for me so I just did a lot of thinking about sewing. I got this cute pattern out and now is ready to be cut, I hope to have some time this weekend.

Many of you have been watching Downton Abbey and the gorgeous fashions of the time. I am obsessing about a maxi skirt and I might have found a pattern I like in my collection. I still have to find fabric in my stash so I'll post more about that later.

We were lucky last week and the worst we got was ice, no more snow came my way. Of course temperatures are still in the 20s(F) and although I'm liking a lot of the spring patterns I'm still in the mood for winter sewing. I have been wearing the coat I made last year and I've been toasty warm as well as stylish ;-)

Stay safe!