Sunday, October 28, 2007

One of those days...

I have been working on the skirt of this pattern for the last couple of days and well it has been an odyssey...

I discovered two beautiful coordinating fabrics in my stash a steel blue wool twill and a coordinating tweed. I decided this was the perfect pattern. My job as an interpreter has picked up in frequency and I really need some work oriented things.

I first discovered that the twill had been victim of moths (I had a problem with them a while ago). I thought I could not fit the circle skirt (half circle?) on the fold but I could if I added seam allowances to the back center piece. When I started cutting I realized I could have fitted both on the fold but by now I had convinced myself that I liked my modification which allowed me to put the zipper in the back for ease of fitting. Now I still have enough fabric to make a vest, I'm happy.

The story does not end there...I decided to quickly go to Joann's to pick up some Bemberg for the lining. I took my husband's car after he told me it was fully gassed. After leaving the garage I realized the tank was empty....ok quick trip to the station and I was off.
When I got to Joann's I realized I had left both fliers (from the mail and newspaper) at home...oh well I'll pay full prize but I will also get two Vogue patterns I want, since the newspaper flier said they were $3.99. When I get to the register they come up 40% off and of course I don't have the flier to show them the ad. I leave the patterns, I consoled myself with the fact that after all I did get the most important item. I get home and realize that the 2 yards I bought will not be enough...

My next entry I hope will have pictures of both the skirts (the Patrones and the Simplicity).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stitches East

This was my first visit to Stitches East, at the Baltimore Convention Center. It was great fun! Above you can see my new acquisitions. I bought enough Peruvian by Berroco to make the Tilted Duster from Fall 2007 Interweave Knits in a beautiful brown. The purple yarn is from Valley Yarns to make one of their patterns, the yarn is a beautiful blend of cotton, rayon and silk (Goshen). I also treated myself to Norah Gaughan vol 1 and to some beautiful lace weight cashmere at an irresistible price. I also got to meet Lily Chin, she was very nice. She signed her Couture Crochet book in Spanish for my mom and even talked to us in Spanish. I have been wanting her book, so now mom and I will share it, of course I'm not even close to couture level in crochet (now my mom... I will be putting some orders in)

Thanks to Large Marge ( for telling me all about Stitches East, she was in The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop booth and we had such fun talking about what we saw and our purchases. Large Marge and I met at our kids bus stop, not only did we find out that we share a hispanic background, we also love to knit. I will be going to the weekly get together for the knitting group she and her friend created K1P2 (check them out in the Yahoo! groups if you are in the area).

I hope my next post is about the Patrones skirt I have been working on.