Friday, June 21, 2013

Burda 6-2013 Top 118, Modifying facings

I was surprised to find shaped facings in this pattern since the blouse I made not that long ago had the self facing used by RTW. Since my fabric is lightweight/sheer I did not want a big old facing on the front  so I referred to Claire Shaeffer's High Fashion Sewing Secrets from the World's Best Designers,
which explains how to add a self facing. In my case I already had a huge floppy facing =) so I cut it down according to her guidelines. Basically you need to figure out the width of your button band and add enough fabric twice to be able to fold it twice on itself. This is a wonderful book one that I refer to often.

Here is the pattern and how my blouse facing now looks after chopping off the facing.

Hope this is useful!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Burda Fashion

I finally got to look at the newest issue and I have been trying to trace 3 patterns. One is for two patterns a blouse and a dress and the other is for a jacket.

 I'm tracing Blouse 118, Dress 120 and jacket 123

What I want to know how if I'm done teaching (still doing some interpreting) it seems I have less time than before? I have been trying to finish tracing, which with the new format is pretty horrendous, for about a week. I have fabrics picked out for every design so I'm very excited to start sewing!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and celebrating with the dads in your life!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Burda 7866

 Here is the top I showed you a preview of in my last post after I took it in in the lower band. This pattern has more ease than I'm used to in Burda patterns; of course better to have too much than the opposite =O . I like how it looks with the lower bodice piece hugging the body. In the pictures below I don't know if you can see the looser initial fit, but I can feel a difference when I wear it.

In this last picture I wanted to show you the pretty bell sleeves.
This pattern was a gift from Andrea two years ago, I finally made it Andrea! I love the boat neck because it does not show underwear straps. I will not be able to wear it in the hot summer, the knit I used is a poly. I can only wear sleeveless garments made out of polyester in the summer. I do love this print which I purchased at Kashi's during PR weekend in NYC. I have enough left to make a simple summer dress.