Monday, June 30, 2008

One non-stop weekend

This weekend my brother got married. Talk about non-stop fun! On Friday we got together for dinner so family members and close friends could meet. The ceremony took place on Saturday, it was a wonderfully happy event shared with our friends and family. On Sunday before heading home again, all those still in the area got together for breakfast.

I promise to share pictures of both my sister-in-law (yeay!)'s dress and mine. For now I leave you with a picture that captured the mood of this weekend.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

About knitting...

Juliet by has been finished for a while. I chose to do the longer bodice and then even though I used every ball of yarn I had the skirt length didn't make me happy. So the project has sat even though I found some nice buttons for it.

I recently went on search of left over yarns to do a quickie crochet project to forget about my frustration with my first lace project and guess what? I found another ball of the Boboli!!

Now I don't know how much more a ball can do but if it might save my shrug from languishing in a drawer you can be sure I'm going to undo the last couple of rows and give it a go. I'll keep you posted...

A morning walk

Yesterday morning I packed up the kids and dog and we went for a walk at one of the many man-made lakes in Columbia (there are only man-made lakes in Maryland). It was a beautiful day with wonderful cool breezes. The wildlife was out and about, the blue heron above looked to be a statue until it tried to fish and a swallow was feeding her babies.

My babies found a good climbing tree amongst other things

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Burda WOF 9/2005 102

I have completed my muslin with the standard alterations I make: I added to the back waist length and I traced size 38 at the neckline, shoulders and armhole, 40 at the chest and from the waist down a 42. I usually trace a 40 at the hip but it was mentioned in the Great Coat Sew along blog (sorry but it is only open to those participating)that there was not enough ease in this area I decided to go up. I am wearing a sweater underneath, I rarely wear jackets under coats and therefore don't need the extra ease for that.

I measured the ease at the hip and thought I had plenty (46 in) but I forgot this was a double breasted coat and as you can tell from the pictures I have no ease in the hip area.

Without the shoulder pads I thought I would need a forward shoulder adjustment but with the pads I don't think so, what is your opinion?

These pictures have a 3/8 inch shoulder pad in:

I did not add walking ease. Is it recommended for a double breasted coat?In Power Sewing by Sandra Betzina she does not make this distinction and if it is recommended in this coat pattern to include the wedge in CF up to the neckline would cut right through the "bib" and therefore alter its shape.

I marked the welt pockets which will be covered by tabs but somehow I missed since the two parts (the welt pocket cuts across the seam line) do not match. Burda has you mark the welt according to your size on the side panel and then to join the pattern pieces and extend it to the front. I did that but did not turn out :o

I don't see any other issues in the fit but that is why I joined this great sew-along ...for all the extra eyes to appraise the fit!

After I receive comments on my fit I will add the sleeves.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Agent Spiffy

My son had his 8th grade dance last Saturday and he was required to wear "dressed up" clothes. He couldn't resist a chance to post as I tried to record this momentous occasion. He ended up not wearing the jacket, it was hot and the locale was lightly air conditioned. I expected to receive a call to come get him but I was pleasantly surprised that he did not call. It was nice to wait for the kids to come out, everyone looking so nice. And the best part he had a great time...even danced!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moving along...

I am officially done with wedding sewing and now I'm ready to start tracing the coat pattern to work on the muslin (which I still need to order). I will try to do some summer sewing also since it is my favorite but I never get to do much of.

Until the next one happy sewing, knitting, crocheting,...

Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday a mother lost her daughter. How does one recover from such a loss? I don't think you can. But I know she will go on because she has a son that needs her.

Enjoy and cherish your loved ones.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Great Coat Sew Along

I have joined Marji's Great Coat Sew Along. I need a new tailored coat and I thought this was the best chance of it getting made when I actually needed. So here is the timeline:

May - Gather Materials - Done!!
June - Make Muslin
July - Construct coat
August - Lining and finishing

The sew along blog will offer the guidance of Marji and other experts. All participants will share their progress as they construct their coat/coats. Because this blog is closed to everyone except the participants I will share my progress here also.

I have chosen Burda WOF Sept 2005 102. It is a classic style that I plan to keep forever. The cashmere/wool coating I purchased in Pennsylvania Fabrics Outlet which is no more. On Friday I went to G-Street Fabrics and found a beautiful silk Jackard lining and cotton flannel for underlining. I also found gorgeous buttons which were really well priced for G-street.

This will be a fun project especially with the promise that you are not alone and every question can be asked and help will be gladly offered.