Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burda 4/2011 123 Maxi skirt

So I finally got to make the linen maxi I wanted at the end of the summer, oh well. I used the linen from this other Burda dress. I still have fabric left.

The grain runs straight through the center of the side panels, front and back which gives this pattern a lovely drape. Because I needed a bit taken at the waist I did stay-stitch plus at the waistline and secured it with cotton stay tape, then I attached the waistband.

The invisible zipper goes in the seam of the right side back panel which made fitting this skirt a breeze, especially since I ended up taking in the side seams.

I did not line the skirt, I believe one of the versions is lined, also I eliminated the pockets. The linen was very drapey and shifted quite easily when cutting and sewing so I did not want to complicate things; I also like the close fit around the hips I was able to get without pockets.

This skirt was finished before the hurricane and I already wore it. I loved the feeling of the airy cool linen around my legs when moving and I love the ways it looks. This pattern would be great in wool crepe, and I think I see it in my future for fall and winter.

Monday, August 29, 2011

When plans come together and quickly fall apart

Delacorte Musical Clock, Central Park

I was thrilled that I had managed to plan succesfully a meeting with two dear high school friends which I hadn't seen in 20+ years, a shopping day in NYC with sewing friends and plenty of time to spend with my fun 2 year old nephew.

Even though Irene was coming up the east coast I left on Thursday to NY. I had a nice lunch with my brother in the city and then headed to NJ where I spent time with my nephew and then went on to what turned to be a fun-tastic reunion with my friends. We strolled Hoboken and reminisced about my college years there.
Sat here for a breather, plaza on 50th

On Friday, because now I was thinking I would probably be leaving on Saturday, since the word was Sunday was looking bad for travel, I went into the city and went fabric/notions shopping (more details on the next post), I met my brother and his family for lunch, a visit to the Frick Museum and strolling in Central Park. It was a glorious day!
Enjoying an ice cream in Central Park

That night I exchanged my tickets to leave Saturday morning and I did to make it home before Irene went over MD. We just got back power this morning. My house phone is not working and even though the internet is working my cell phone communication is terrible, all my calls get cut off.

While I'm disappointed that our PR shopping day was cancelled, I feel I made the most of my short time and I'm so very glad I went.

Hope you are all safe!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hortensias en mi mesa

I cut these hydrangeas from my Annabelle shrub yesterday. They start out pure white and as they get older they turned this beautiful bright green, lovely no?

Notice my tablecloth? It is vinyl, of the wipe to clean variety, I loved the gingham print with the daisies. Before I had children I swore I would never have a vinyl tablecloth on my table, of course that changed after I decided I did not want to change tablecloths every day. Right now there is a flannel pad with protective vinyl finished underneath the cute gingham. One day I hope to be able to completely clear my table in between meals and show off the beautiful table I careful chose years ago.

Have you seen these beautiful oilcloths? They surely elevate the homely vinyl to a new level

Thursday, August 11, 2011

McCalls 6725

As I shared with you before, this pattern is from the 90s and therefore out of print. I was looking for a shirtdress with a circle skirt and this was perfect. It has been a while since I wore such a swingy skirt, and can I tell you it feels very girlish and fun. The fabric is a cotton shirting from Michael's Fabrics/A Fabric Place and I have enough for a fall dress; it was a joy to work with!

The bodice has a collar with no stand and no back facing so I followed Connie Long's instructions in Easy Guide to Sewing Blouses and I had no problems. There is no shaping on this bodice, no darts and the side seams are straight (mine ended up with some shaping to allow for a larger waist/hip). As you can see the bodice is a bit poofy in places but it doesn't bother me, this is the way it's drafted. The pattern instructs you to use facings for the armholes, instead I used the Burda method and made bias strips to finish them.

The skirt has pockets. I used the version with the longer skirt and shortened it to my knees.

One word of general warning. When marking my buttonholes I used the red wax/chalk that I bought in many colors in NYC and which disappears when it is pressed. Well, this color did not disappear

I washed the dress many times and most of it came out, you can see it if you are looking for it. I know many of us have bought this marking tool so beware!

These photo sessions are exhausting! ;-)

Monday, August 08, 2011

A series of previews

This is McCall's 7625, hanging nicely, completely finished and waiting for me to wear it, and photograph.

The Verena tank top waiting to be blocked.

Vogue 1179 in progress.

But first my husband's shirts need to be ironed while I supervise the boys building bird houses.

Friday, August 05, 2011

McCalls 6165

I have been seeing this style of top all over so I decided to give it a try. Being that I am a pear I was always hesitant to wear this much fabric around my hips. I fell in love with Connie's top, she looked so chic wearing hers. So what do I think? I think I will like it better styled for fall/winter with a long sleeve top underneath and leggings and boots.

This was very simple to make, I made all construction in my serger (yay!) except for the topstitching for the hems. The fabric is a cotton knit left over from pjs for my son; because there is no lycra in the fabric I did not want to use any pattern that was fitted and needed a knit with good recovery, so this pattern was perfect.

Isn't it great that we can be brave and try a style we are curious about without spending a lot of money?

Flower on one of my datura plants
The view from the side