Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vogue 2011 skirt

Here is the skirt from Vogue 2011. I used a poly crepe from my stash. I would not use this color near my face, while I look good with more intense yellows this one just washes me out as most pastels do.
This was a very simple to sew skirt. the most difficult part if you can call it that was the narrow hem but really you just need to take your time to not stretch the edges on the bias.

I added a lining since my fabric was sheer. The pattern for the lining was included, how nice.
My version is not as drapey as the envelope picture so my skirt has a definite A-line shape. I will like to try it with a drapier fabric and I will also like to make the wrap maxi included in the pattern.

If you want to try this uneven hemline trend I recommend this pattern. It had excellent instructions and great fit.

Here is a peek of the next pattern (Burda) I will review. I made it to wear with this skirt but then I wasn't sure if I like them together. I think what I need to fix is the ease of the lower piece on the top, for some reason it came out with too much ease and made the top look wonky. The top I did wear in these pictures is from Target =)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

There's sewing going on!

 I have had this pattern for a very long time. I couldn't find a date on it but it is so old that pictures on PR do not show and I think most of them were for the top. I am making the skirt view D in a very springy color; a poly crepe that came from my mom's stash from a store in NJ we loved but has disappeared. So old pattern, even older fabric =)
I love all pieces in this pattern and since the high low trend is going on now I decided to go for it and make view D.

I hope to finish it today and photograph it tomorrow. Of course I also have a cellar full of laundry...but hey I'll make it work!