Sunday, December 30, 2012

A walk in the woods

Yesterday after the boys that came for a sleepover left, we decided that it would be nice to walk in the woods while it was snowing. Of course by the time we got everyone ready and we got to the park it had stopped. No matter, we still had an enjoyable walk. These days we are always amazed at our 12 year old beagle who comes alive in these walks. My boys talked non stop as always when they are together and my husband and I had a chance to look around us and find beauty in a grayish winter day.

The water beads on the trees were gorgeous, my phone's camera couldn't do it justice.

I have been doing some sewing so I will have something new to share soon. I don't know if I'll make an end of the year post, still deciding =)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Burda Style 9/2011 109

So this project was planned last winter and when the weather got warmer I set it aside.

This year when I picked it up I realized that the bodice could be washed but because I was using wool crepe for the skirt it would need dry cleaning ( I did preshrink it in the dryer but I prefer the dry cleaner for certain wool garments). I decided anyways that I could still get the look of the dress but have two pieces that I could also use with other garments and so I made a top and a skirt.

Top 108 I had turned into a dress that I love so now I shortened the pattern into a top. Like I did before the neckline is just turned and stitched. The skirt was very easy, just a rectangle with gathers and a waistband. I like the ribbon and button embellishment which I kept but I shortened my skirt to the knee since I will get more use of the skirt at that length. I did not line it since I wanted to reduce any extra bulk at the gathers and I was planning to wear a full slip. I also did not add pockets.

The waistband I made using the instructions in "Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts", it is a book I love and I refer to it time and again.

Both fabrics were in my stash, the knit is a rayon and the skirt is wool crepe from London Fabrics from my PR Philadelphia trip. The ribbon and buttons came from JoAnns.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pencil skirt draft and sew along

Yesterday I finally was able to enlist the help of my husband to help me take measurements, the first step in the draft along.

While trying to catch up on my fashion reading (oy!) I found this in either the Oct or Nov issue of Lucky Mag.

If you are interested in drafting along you can still join! Just follow the link on my sidebar.

I'm excited!

Almost done with my present project I will share soon!

Monday, December 03, 2012

A sewists get together

On Saturday we had the first ever (to my knowledge) MD, DC, VA meetup organized by Lisa and hosted by Robin. By meeting at Robin's first for conversation and a swap, it gave us the opportunity to relax and chat and get to know each other.

I took with me quite a few patterns and brought back a lovely cut of silk! Thanks to the donor!
Silk on the left, mystery fabric on right from bargain table at G Street

As the party broke some of us headed to G Street Fabrics. I hadn't been to the new location and was curious. I regret to say I was disappointed. The other location had two levels and a fantastic selection of fabrics. The new is one level and the feeling of awe I used to get every time I walked in is gone. I looked through the bargain table that was a huge pile of fabric dripping on to the floor, out of there came the green fabric which I have plans to use for a Paco Peralta skirt.

More pictures of the day and links to all the bloggers are over in Robin's post of the event.