Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Paco original design jacket

First I wanted to thank you all for your well wishes after my "incident" at the dentist. The stitches came out Thursday when I braved the roads after the storm on Wednesday that left me without power for 3 days and nights (we hit a low of 41 F/5 C by Saturday in the house when our power was restored around 1:00pm). I was warned by the surgeon that I can't laugh too hard or open my mouth too wide; in 6 weeks he'll show me how to massage the scarring (which I can hardly see yay!).

Anyways my jacket is done! I used a totally different fabric from the two jackets Paco has made and what Tany used, which gives my jacket a different look.

I had reinforced the fronts of the jacket with hair canvas but because the collar wasn't laying down nice, I removed it from the collar area. I still can't get the collar to lay down perfectly, I think it is a function of the quilted fabric doubled up on the collar.

I followed Tany's construction steps so I'm skipping the details. I also used Paco's tutorial for inserting the lining. I love the way the facing at the hem comes out!

For the in-seam pocket I followed Paco's tutorial. The pocket pattern includes a facing and is inserted after the seam is done (the pocket opening is sewn with basting stitches.

The button was in my stash and I thought it looked well with this jacket.

I can't say enough about how nicely this jacket went together. All the markings are perfectly placed to insure precise construction. Like Tany I placed both Paco's and my label on the jacket.

I will make this jacket again with a lighter fabric next time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So a woman walks into the dentist

to replace a crown, little does she know that she will walk out with the tooth untouched but instead with a split lip.

The punch line "I'm fine" but I am now sporting 4 stitches on my lip. The dentist lost grip of my mouth/lip which hit the unbelievably fast spinning tool he was going to use on my tooth. I won't go into details because I don't want to think about it myself. It really doesn't look too bad, in 5 days the stitches will come out.

Of course I still need the work done but I'm allowing myself not to think about that right now.

I'm heading to the sewing room, I think I deserve some me time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butterick 5523 - A review

Today I got to wear my new dress and the color gave me a lift. As you can see everyhting looks pretty gray in my part of the world! The fabric is a double knit (Cache) from Fabric Mart. I think it really suited this design, it has a beefy weight perfect for winter dresses and I love the color.

The only thing I changed, I did not add elastic at the bodice seam.

There was a sewing thread somewhere (don't remember exactly where) where someone was asking advise on how to sew seams in a double knit. For my dress I sewed the seams with a narrow zig zag (2.5 - 3 length and .5 width) and after pressing each side of the seam to set stitches I opened the seam and pressed again. This reduces the bulk that you would see with a serged together seam. This fabric does not fray so seams allowances can be left alone.

I chose to edgestitch the hem and then topstitch at the hem depth again.

This pattern is a winner, with the right fabric you'll get a stylish, comfortable and warm dress!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chaqueta de Paco - Construction

I have all the pieces cut out for the jacket (lining and hair canvas for hems also!) so I started construction about two days ago.

In the picture you can see the facing sewn to the bodice.

The fabric some of you might recognize it was sold at Joann's two years ago maybe? and it was featured in the Vogue Patterns magazine as a jacket. The lining I'm using is a rayon I bought from Michael's Fabrics a while ago. I'm using hair canvas for the hems because I did not want to fuse interfacings since the two quilted fabrics are synthetic and I believe the batting is polyester.

I'm following the steps of construction that Tany blogged about and so far all is going well.


In my area last night we had snow followed by a layer of ice. After helping my husband outside (really he did almost all!) I went back to take some pictures, it was "popsicle land" out there!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New knitting projects

A few months ago I placed an order for knitting books from Phildar. They came from France at a wonderful price, I think they are probably from a few seasons ago but I loved their designs. This dress was picked first because I have had this yarn for many years; it was a closeout at a local yarn shop and I bought every one they had left. I love the pattern, I'm not loving working with the yarn, it is a boucle and the humps get stuck so you have to be careful not to create holes in your fabric. I do like how it looks and this is a dress I can see wearing often.

Inspiration scarf $565 at

For this sock weight yarn I'm using the pattern the Selfish Seamstress posted for her Envy, Missoni inspired scarf. I'm not sure I like how this yarn looks with this pattern, I like the soft color changes of the Selfish Seamstress scarf better, so I'll let it sit for a while and keep working on the Phildar dress.

P.S; I saw the above scarf and I'm liking my scarf again


My youngest shared his cold with me and I haven't slept well in a few days. I have decided to wait on cutting Paco's pattern, since I have to cut single layer to mind the fabric pattern; don't want to do that with anything less than a clear head.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Chaqueta de Paco Peralta, Muslin

I finally made up the a quick muslin with Paco's pattern. I really like this pattern!

Based on his hip measurements I had to add about 2 inches, and I split the pattern the way he suggests. I must have not added enough because the jacket while it closes with no ease around my hips it stays open as you can see in the first picture. Other than that I'm happy with how this fits me.

I forgot to take a picture of the fabric I'm using, I'll show you next time.

I finished the Butterick dress so pictures coming soon!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

An easy cowl

Sometimes an easy and quick to make project is inmensely satisfying, don't you all agree?

I have been wanting a knitted cowl for a while and I remenbered that over at knitlit I had seen a free pattern. Not that you really need a pattern, but I liked the looks of the cowl she made and that way I didn't have to do any thinking ;-).

This pattern uses a bulky yarn and I usually don't purchase bulky yarns after all bulky yarns make bulky garments and most of the time that's not a look we want. However I did have a beautiful Manos del Uruguay remmant that I had used to make a hat for my oldest before I started blogging and also I had yarn from this mustard sweater (Ravelry link) I thought they looked great together, I bought 15 size (US) needles and got to it. I added a crochet border of the mustard color on top for color balance.

So there you have it, you could make this as your first knitting project, so easy!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I thought I had fixed the problem with this skirt (Burda 11 2009 #120). I promise that I unstitched the pockets and place them again with the skirt hanging and I promise that I tried it on and it looked fine or did I wanted it to be fine so much that I thought it was? I don't know but it looks the same.

Something else I noticed with this set of pictures is that the A line side seams are flaring too much. So I will change the sides seams and maybe even play with the size of the pockets. And you know what really drives me mad? That this is a skirt for goodness sake! Also I took no shortcuts in construction and took my time.

Oh well, I really do like how this outfit looks and the cardigan covers up the problem from most angles.

I also wanted to show you the necklace I'm wearing; it is a vintage Monet from the 70s. When I first arrived in the States this rigid silver necklaces were all the rage and I wanted one really bad, I got one for my 15th birthday with a couple of pendants (a bicycle and a turtle, which I still have) and I was as happy as could be.

I started working on Butterick 5523 so when that project is done I will work on the skirt again.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year and new patterns

I went to Joann's today to take advantage of the thread sale and bought thread for my new serger.

Of course I had to look at patterns, they had the new McCalls and I bought 6277 and 6279. It was nice to spend part of the first day of the year looking at new patterns, one of my favorite things to do!

Thank you all for coming to visit this past year, I hope that you will continue to do so!

Feliz Año Nuevo!