Monday, November 28, 2011

Time to move slower

So the whirlwind that was the Peter Pan project, the family visits preparation and crazy work (Parent/Teacher conferences) has ended.

The Peter Pan performances were a success, the kids really came through and every night they were better than the night before. The flying looked fantastic and so did the sword fights. I saw every performance except one, when I baby-sat my adorable nephew so that my brother and SIL could see the play. I was on hand to fix wardrobe malfunctions and help find "lost" stuff, "my boots! I can't find my boots!", "where is my dagger?"...

And you know what? I was listed as "Seamstress"! And given "special thanks" for my "sewing expertise"! How cool is that?
Here is Peter trying to strike Tootles (aka my son) for shooting Wendy. I made all the leaf print covers in this set and of course Peter's tunic.

When I had some time this past week, well yesterday, I found a pattern I had prepared the fabric for but the weather changed so it had been put away. I did my usual alterations to it and I hope to cut it out today.  Today the sewing room will be available again so I will first sew Paco's skirt.

Here is the pattern

I'm making view B.

Yes there will be fashion sewing coming soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peter Pan is coming!

So tomorrow is opening night for the fall play and I couldn't be more excited. On Tuesday I got to sit in the audience with the director/theater teacher and a couple of other parent volunteers while they ran the whole show for the first time. There were "oops" moments but all in all not bad. Amazing all that goes in these productions!

The set looks wonderful and I'm so proud of what I accomplished. The last bit I did was to add valances to the Darling children headboards using a piece of lace leftover from curtains that used to hang on my living room window. My husband is part of the "flight crew" and he is having fun making the kids fly.


News from the sewing room. Before I started sewing for the theater I cut out this gorgeous skirt by Paco Peralta

I used a rayon knit in a yummy chocolate brown. I won't get any sewing done until after Thanksgiving since I'm having company for the next couple of weeks and the sewing room will become a guest room.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sewing for theater

I'm still very much involved sewing for Peter Pan at my son's high school. Here is the tunic Peter will wear. It looks great on with leather boots and belt and sword. It also looks fantastic when Peter flies, the leaves fluttering along!
I picked up leaves from my backyard and made the templates and cut the shapes out of three different color synthetic suede and attached them to the faux leather tunic (pattern from a Simplicity costume, I think a Roman tunic?). Peter's mom (one of the directors and a professional actress) and I ripped the hem and the sleeves. They don't want to do a "Disney production" so costumes and props are earthy and old looking.

The closure looks a bit wonky, it is velcro and it's not closed properly =)

I am now working on the covers for the props that turn the nursery into Never Never Land. It is going to be a wonderful show!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

The swing cardigan

I finished knitting this cardigan (Bergere de France Swing Cardigan) in the spring so I put it away to be sewn until the fall, therefore it is now making its appearance.

I like it but I was disappointed with the sleeves I thought they would be more bell like. I really couldn't make many changes to this because I was very limited by the amount of yarn I had. As it was I had to send away for an extra skein, after having paid quite a price for this kit; I found I didn't have enough yarn to finish the collar. It is simple to knit, the designs on the sleeves are purl stitches that you incorporate following a chart.

Here is the project page in Ravelry