Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Burda Style 9/2011 108 tunic

I finished this dress a while back when it was too cold to wear, the fabric is a light  weight bamboo knit. I was attracted to the pattern which is a tunic length top, I liked how simple it is but yet a little different. I had been wanting to make a simple knit dress that I could accessorize in many ways so I lengthened the pattern, I would have made it longer but didn't have enough fabric.

I know this is a very subdued color for me =) but I'm looking forward to playing with different color combinations. This morning I liked how this cardigan brought out purple undertones in the fabric.
Nothing really to add, as far as construction, I ignored the binding instructions for the neckline and just turned and stitched

Monday, February 20, 2012

Amazing Gertrude!

So here you can see how the final costume will work. These pictures show the second stage of Gertrude's  tail, the actress will have the boa in the pouch, details below, so that then the tail will grow on stage. I also added sleeves since the teacher requested them. I used a double knit I had leftover from my Butterick dress, I thought it would be more comfortable for the actress, who does a lot of dancing/jumping/moving on stage, to have a knit sleeve. I can't remember the pattern number where I got the sleeve pattern but it was from another Simplicity.

In the beginning of the show there's no need for the actress to walk around with the boa in the hidden pouch (ties keep it secure to the inside of the pouch )so I made a single feather that goes on the hidden hooks.

For the pouch I added lining panels sewn into the back seam and then they were sewn to the lining to make the pouch.

After her tail grows, the actress goes off stage, but she ate so many berries to grow an amazing tail that when she comes out again she has a bigger/fuller tail. She will get two boas added on.

I added length and the feather trim after the actress got a chance to wear the unfinished dress for a rehearsal. The dress was too short, so I just added the band that is included with the pattern, Simplicity 5092. Also the wrinkles showing up in center back that show up on the hanger are not there when the dress is on.

The dress rehearsals will put my design to the test. I have some other ideas in case the hooks don't work well and I will have extra boas in case these boas start looking like a moulting chicken before the show is done =)

So what do you think? I had such fun with this project!

I already made McCalls 4826,minus the embellishments, it needs a fitting to finish. This dress is for Mayzie who is very glamorous, I'm adding fabric flowers, and lots of feathers and boas for an amazing tail. Today I plan to make the petticoat that will peak out at the hem, it will be a Burda Easy magazine pattern, more details later

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miercoles Tam, Knitscene Winter 2011

I love the way a flower shows up on the crown as the cables come together!
I was looking for a hat to knit, one that had enough ease built into the design that did not flatten my hair =). I found this design and I loved it. Hats are pretty quick to knit but I like them to have a variety of stitches to make it fun. This one fit the bill!
The bobbles are made with a crochet hook.

I used yarn (Dark Horse Yarn Rhapsody, 100% merino wool, aran weight) that has been in my stash and that came from a local yarn shop that closed a few years ago.

Of course right after I finished it the temperatures in my area rose to the 60s so I couldn't wear it. Well, it has been pretty cold recently so I got to try it and I love it! So far no flat hair to report!

Ravelry link

Gertrude's costume is almost done and I already cut out the fabric for Mazye. More Seussical sewing showing pictures soon!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Gertrude McFuzz dress, Simplicity 5092

I was able to do quite a bit of work on Gertrudes's dress. It's looking very 60s as my husband pointed out, I agree and I like it!. The white ovals are supposed to anchor the pockets, I skipped the pockets and just added the bands for looks.
A little wonky on the hanger, the side seams are just pinned

I had to change the way the dress is put together because I'm adding a lining that will help support the pocket/bag that I hope will hold the tail that can be pull out on stage when her tail grows. I could not finish the neckline with the outside facing as instructed so I added an inside facing to finish the neckline and attach the lining. I also added more swing to the skirt by adding a wedge at center back and front and since it is on the short side it should give the actress plenty of room for dancing and such.

Here is the opening for the tail.

I need to add the lining/facing and the sleeves, which I'm adding to the teacher's request.

If my idea for the growing tail works, I'll share it with you just in case one day you need to costume Gertrude!