Thursday, September 25, 2008

Construction Details of Burda WOF 3/2008 116

Ignore the button, it is not the one I will use on the dress.

This dress as designed does not include a lining, I wanted a lining in part because my fabric, a rayon with a crepe texture, was semi-transparent and I didn't want to wear a slip. I just cut two dresses one of the fashion fabric and one in Bemberg. After constructing both separetedly (24 fish eye darts in total!), I basted both together at the neckline and armholes.

I made the bindings for the front slit, neckline and armholes using the wonderful gadget you see in the picture. I bought it for quilting but I have used it more in fashion sewing.

The binding was applied first to the front slit, then around the neckline enclosing the seam allowance (of both lining and fashion fabric) which had been trimmed to 3/8 in and and the top of the zipper. The seam allowances at the armhole were also covered with binding after attaching the sleeve/ruffle.

Applying seam binding around armhole

The sleeve/ruffle will show the wrong side if not doubled. I chose to do it as indicated in the pattern. As you can see is hard to tell the wrong/right side in my fabric. The hem was finished with a satin stitch.

Here is how the inside looks with the full lining. I will post a picture with me wearing the dress after this weekend, since the wedding I'm going to is on Saturday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Musings

I woke up this morning and felt that the pain in my neck has sort of moved to my right shoulder. What did I do to make the pain come back?I have no idea...I haven't been doing my arm exercises, just my walks and the stationary bike. Oh well at least I'm not getting the nasty headaches I've gotten in connection with the neck.

After reading Barbara's post over at The Furry Mind where she asks if blogging was worth the effort, I started to wonder how many of you out there read this blog. I signed up for Site Meter, the free version ,I'm curious but not curious enough to pay for the extra services. I know I'm guilty of reading blogs and not commenting but then I remember how much I enjoy these blogs and how nice it is when I get comments, so I will make it a mission to leave a note.

Anyways I leave you with another version of Simplicity 4076. I used up a 1 yard remnant from Metro Textiles. This time I used the honeycomb stitch in my Bernina for the hems, I think it nicely echos the print design.

Have a great weekend full of sewing time!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The zig zag crochet skirt

I finished this skirt from Interweave Knits Crochet Fall 2005 a while ago. Well, I finished crocheting a while ago and then it sat waiting to be sewn together. As I expected it takes a while to sew since you have to change colors quite often and then there's all those tails to be woven in. Anyways I used Red Heart Lustersheen which gives it a nice drape and weight. Because I substituted yarn and it was my first crochteted garment I struggled getting the gauge right. All in all I'm happy with the skirt, it will be fun wearing it this fall.

Here is a couple of more views, I really like the kick in the back.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A change of plans

I have a wedding coming up and so I decided I needed a new dress. I found a beautiful rayon print and matched it to Vogue 7793 (OOP) which has been in my stash for a while (as has been the fabric). After modifying the pattern I found out not even shortening the skirt by several inches could I fit the pieces in the yardage I had. So I remembered it this Burda WOF 3/2008 116 dress was a runner up for this fabric. I have loved this design since I first saw it, and even more so after I saw Trena's version in a knit. So I have traced the Burda and it is ready to be cut.

I am making the short version but using the sleeves on the wedding dress using the rayon print below.

Because I had spent the time with Vogue 7793 I decided that instead of putting it away I would look for another fabric (as my mom said "I'm sure you have some other fabric in your stash that would work"). Well I found a beautiful cotton lawn that I bought in my only personal visit to Metro Textiles. Because of the light weight of the fabric I'm interlining the bodice and adding a lining to the skirt, using white cotton batiste also from Metro Textiles.

Have a great day wherever you are!!