Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why don't I listen?

By the time one of your children is a teenager you figure that you have experienced most variation of illnesses out there. Well I guess I was missing really high fever (105) and this past week my time was up. My oldest started with a cough and then bam! 105 fever. You know one more degree and seizures are very likely. I was also dealing with vomiting and therefore how to get in him the Motrin and make it stay. I thought sponge baths were old wives tales but they do work. Today the fever without medication was about 100, great improvement. I hope it stays that way I have a deadline tonight to call the doctor if the fever doesn't let up.

And the title? Well in my sleepless nights induced fog I have tried to sew and everything I have done has come undone. When they suggest not to sew when you are tired take the suggestion, I can vouch that it will be wasted effort and on top you'll be more tired and frustrated to boot.


  1. That high fever is pretty scary. I remember putting my dd in a cool tub when she was about 3 or 4 and it does really work. Glad teen's fever came down.

  2. It does work, my oldest son (age 5) who was sick again this week, had to be bathed. A friend of mine who was a nurse & has 7 kids, gave me that advice a couple of years back when he was about 2 & had 105 fever and started in with seizures. He is the only one, though, prone to high fevers, so far.

  3. I'm glad to hear the fever has gone down. That's scary! I have the same problem about sewing too late--I go into a weird mania and do crazy things.


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