Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double welt pockets with flap and bound buttonholes

I have finished with two of the techniques that I had challenged myself to learn while making this coat.

I finally decided on making double welt pockets because I figured out after practicing what Burda magazine was trying to say. They inserted the flap in between the coat front and the top welt to give the look you see in the pictures. They were nerve wrecking to construct but I did it! I'm so glad I overcame my fear. The flaps I made following Kay Y, the Sewing Lawyer's tutorial, which works beautifully.

The bound buttonholes were a piece of cake after the welt pockets. I watched Sandra Betzina's Foolproof Buttonholes. She does a wonderful job showing you this easy method which Summerset, from Pin and Needles also explains in her tutorial. I bought the DVD a while ago and I still think it is a great investment, Sandra has a way of empowering you that I love.

Now on with attaching the collar.

Yes it is still snowing here. For this blizzard we have had power which we lost during the first blizzard. Two and a half days and two nights with only the fireplace to heat the house was rough. I did finish one knitting project and almost done with the other.


  1. That is some very nice sewing. The rest of that coat should be a piece of cake after those pockets and buttonholes. Good luck!

  2. Hola Lisette,
    Muy bonito te esta quedando el abrigo, me gusta el color y el modelo.
    Veo que estas leyendo Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Yo lo lei y me gusto, tambien vi la pelicula.
    Dios Mio! Cuanta nieve!
    Creo que me moriria de frio si viviera por alla. Todavia mi cuerpo no se acostumbra al frio, aqui no cae nieve y vivo con la calefaccion puesta por los 3 meses de invierno.

  3. I bow down to you...totally impressive work. The styling on the jacket is a knockout.

  4. I abandoned a UFO in need of flapped welt pockets about a year ago rather than face them. Maybe it's time. Yours looks great!

  5. Lisette.- Este abrigo tiene un "porvenir" fantástico. Que bien te quedó todo, los bolsillos, etc. Me encanta el forro que usaste, me recuerda a los forros que usaban los sastres antiguamente, muy bello.

    Espero que os haya mejorada la situación meteorológica. Cuando veo las noticias, me asusto solamente de ver la gran cantidad de nieve que cubre los Estados Unidos.

    Un abrazo para ti, con un poco de sol de España,


  6. Hey Lisette--the boots on my Burda wrap blouse post are Dansko Bella. I got them at for $135, which is an insane bargain; they're now $157.50 They seem to have a decent size range still available. I haven't yet, ahem, actually worn them anywhere. i'm a little worried about the diamond rubbing on my leg/ankle as it seems stiff there and was collapsing inward a bit, but the sole is soo comfortable.


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