Saturday, April 07, 2012

A nice surprise

We are finally going to get our front steps redone, the brick and mortar on the steps is crumbling the cement pad is cracking and the rails have rusted and have come away from the base.

Last fall we found a contractor to do the work, he is basically tearing it all down and rebuilding it and making the landing bigger, big enough that I can have a bench there =-).

The railing was what we still had to find and today we did! We found a local (Baltimore) company that does aluminum railing custom made. He will reproduce a rail we loved (a railing system ) but we could not afford, for half the price! Can you believe it?, we were shocked! We are so happy that our money will go to local craftsmen who we are thrilled to have found! If you are local and are looking for rails, fences, etc here is their website Holabird Metals.

Here is how my steps look now

On the left there were azaleas that we have already moved since the work will start next week. Today we plan on moving the ones on the right.

I will keep you posted on the makeover! I will also get a new front door, I have been wanting a new one since I moved 17 years ago, but you know how it is, what do they say? Good things come to those who wait?

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