Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Checking in with the Burda Style shirtdress progress

 I wanted to show you that while my progress has been slow, I did finish the collar (Burda Style June #120)

Quería ensenarles el poquito de progreso que he hecho en el vestido (Burda Junio #120), terminé el cuello!

Love the shaping that the collar stand gives!

Me encanta la forma que tienen los cuellos de dos piezas.

Soon I will be working with my son's high school fall production team. This time it is a small production I think there will be more styling and alterations than actual sewing, which it's okay with me since that will allow me to make Halloween costume pieces for my husband and sons who already have put in their requests ;-)

Pronto vuelvo a trabajar con la maestra de teatro en la produccion del otono. La obra es sencilla, solo 10 en escena, asi que me dara tiempo para trabajar en los disfraces que mi esposo e hijos me han pedido para Halloween.
Nota: Blogger me esta dando problemas cuando trato de incluir acentos, tengo que ver cual es la mejor forma de escribir en espanol e ingles. Si tienen consejos son bienvenidos!


  1. Hello TrueMart fabric!! :) I remember how excited you and Connie were to find that fabric!

  2. This is looking great -- can't wait to see the finished dress. I saw this in Burda and was wondering how it would turn out!

  3. Looks lovely. The bound seam edge gives it a very professional look.


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