Thursday, January 16, 2014

Phildar mock turtleneck knitted dress/tunic

 This is another one of my knitting projects that I documented as needing to be put together so that I could finally enjoy wearing it. This dress/tunic from Phildar No 009-T8-251 that I fell in love with in this issue.

Este es otro de mis proyectos tejidos de cuál hablé anteriormente, necesitaban que les cosiera las costuras. Este vestido/túnica es de Phildar No 009-T8-251

 I intended to wear this as a dress, but somehow I miscalculated/didn't measure and it turned out shorter than I wanted it to be. When I first was trying to finish knitting it I realized I did not enough yarn to finish the neckline of the front piece so I scrambled and was able to find through Ravelry a knitter that sold me a couple of skeins that they had left over (the yarn was not available anymore). Because of this I have left it at this length and will wear it as a tunic instead.

Yo planeaba usarlo como vestido pero algo pasó que me quedó mas corto de lo que quería. Cuando lo estaba terminando de tejer me dí cuenta que el hilo que me quedaba no iba a ser suficiente para terminar el cuello. Me puse a buscar en Ravelry y encontré a una muchacha a quien le habían sobrado unas bolas de este mismo hilo y se las compré (este hilo ya no lo hacen/venden)

I love the color and it is very cozy to wear.

Me encanta el color y es muy calientico.

The info for the yarn and pattern are in Ravelry.

Los detalles del hilo y el patrón lo pueden encontrar en Ravelry.


  1. That is super cute!!!

  2. This is great as a tunic. I love the collar!

  3. Me gusta mucha! The tunic is going to be very useful throughout the winter. A beautiful piece of clothing.

  4. Love it, you look great!!


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