Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A mystery gift

One of the moms that help out with theater gave me the above roll of pins. It looks like a ribbon of pins perfectly aligned pins. She received it from her mother in law I believe and since she doesn't sew that much she gave it to me. From what I gather it was used in a machine but the exact purpose or manner I'm not clear on. I did a bit of research  online but couldn't find much.
Here is the pin size comparison, they remind me of applique pins.

Anyone have a clue?


  1. I like how it's called "pin on pins"....as opposed to, what? sew on pins? tape on pins? I mean, what we all do with pins is pin them on. :)

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Forgive me, I have not been in the blogging world in a month or two! Lisette, I think those are the pins that the mfg'rs used to use to keep a shirt or any garment folded for display. in rretail stores. i think they were shot by guns, much like a nail gun in constructions. But, you know, I just could be wrong :)

    1. That sounds right to me since the pins are so fine and short. Thanks!

  3. I have actually used the machine in question, many years ago, when I worked in a clothing store. Back then, many items had price tickets that were pinned on. They were made of light card stock, printed with size and price. As I recall, the strip of labels were fed in one side, and the pins on the other. Probably the machine printed the info. The operator held the garment (ladies' underwear) over the target area, and the "pin-ticketer" attached the "pin-on" label or ticket when the foot pedal was hit. (At least I think it was a foot pedal). Haven't thought about that job in years.


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