Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pattern Review Austin Weekend

On May 1 I flew to Austin to join old friends and new, to socialize, fabric shop and sightsee. To tell you the truth I didn't do much sightseeing except when going shopping. It was a really busy three and a half days and socializing was my number one goal.

El primero de mayo fuí a Austin, Texas para reunirme con viejas y nuevas amigas para divertirme comprando telas, conociendo una nueva ciudad y andar de fiestas. No ví mucho de Austin en verdad. Fueron 3 días y medio bien ocupados y el pasar tiempo con mis amistades era lo más importante.

It was great to get to see Kyle!

¡Qué bien volver a ver a Kyle!

I had known Sharon through her blog and we became fabric sisters, every fabric she loved I had to have and viceversa.

Conocía a Sharon a través de su blog y nos convertimos en "hermanas de telas", toda tela que ha ella le gustaba yo la quería y al revés.

Austin is a very fun city, on Friday I did quite a bit of walking to accompany some to do boot shopping. Along the way we checked out vintage and yarn shops.

Austin es una ciudad muy distinta y divertida. El viernes caminé muchísimo acompañando a varias a comprar botas de vaquero. En el camino vimos tiendas de "vintage"y de hilos para tejer.

Our hotel in downtown Austin

On Sunday Jeanette (LadyBeGood in PR) and I had the opportunity to take a walk to a neighborhood not far from the hotel where the homes (all beautiful old homes) had been turned into bars where live music could be heard. It was a very young crowd and so fun.

El domingo Jeanette(LadyBeGood en PR) y yo nos fuimos a caminar a un vecindario que han convertido casas viejas y muy bonitas en bars donde tienen bandas tocando todo tipo de música. Estábamos rodeadas de gente joven divertiéndose.

This was a bike carrier

We had fashion shows

Atendimos pasarelas

 Photo courtesy of Couturesmith, ConnieBJ(PR), aka one of my roomies ;-)



Photo courtesy of Beanchor
 Above I'm with Andrea, one of my roomies, and I  met Beanchor (PR name)  who does beautiful embroidery work

pattern exchange

intercambio de patrones

a talk with Daniel Esquivel from Project Runway fame

una charla con Daniel Esquivel famoso por  Project Runway

our own runway show

nuestra pasarela

 a shoe cam

documentamos nuestros zapatos

Mine are at the top right

a delicious brunch

un desayuno/almuerzo delicioso

 Photo courtesy of ReBecca (PR)

a street festival, Pecan (street) Festival

una feria

 All four roomies ended up with similar jewelry, it was Andrea's fault! :-) She had the necklace already and we found a vendor that had them and bracelets. Claire (Claire in Montreal in PR) bought a necklace, above Connie and I show off our new bracelets.

Las cuatro que compartimos el cuarto en el hotel nos compramos prendas iguales. Andrea tenía ya un collar, Claire (Claire in Montreal en PR) se compró uno y Connie y yo los pulsos.

and best of all, time to see old friends and make new ones.

y lo mejor, la oportunidad de pasar tiempo con amigas ya conocidas y hacer nuevas amistades.

Consider attending the Los Angeles weekend next year, you won't regret it!

***Pictures I neglected to give the proper credit to are either my own or Pattern Review's. For more pictures visit the official site *******


  1. It was so great to see you again too!! Are you going to LA? I am!

  2. wow, this looks so fun! i'm jealous of all the fabric shopping & PR weekend awesomeness!! :)

  3. I'm planning on going to LA, too, so pleeeease go! It was so much fun seeing you all again. It's hard to believe I hadn't seen you since NY.

    1. I'm so glad that we stuck together for most of the weekend, we had two years of talk to do! I'm planning on going to go to LA also :-D


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