Saturday, August 22, 2015

A quilt to welcome a new member of the family

Once again I turned to the wonderful blog Red Pepper Quilts for inspiration when I needed to make a baby quilt for a new little girl in our family (the quilt has been delivered so I now can post these pictures :-).

Para inspirarme antes de decidir como hacer el quilt que va a dar la bienvenida a una bebé, visité  Red Pepper Quilts como he hecho anteriormente.

I love scrappy quilts and I saw that there was a tutorial for a postage stamp quilt. I used the tutorial but increased the size of the squares to 3 x 3 inches and then just made the quilt a size that would be practical for a toddler also.

A mí me encantan los quilts de retazos,¡son tan coloridos! y en este blog había un tutorial para un "postage stamp quilt". Yo aumenté el tamaño de los cuadrados a 3 x 3 pulgadas y lo hice de tamaño que fuera práctico para cuando la bebé fuera mayorcita.

 I quilted 1/4 in away from the seams.

Cosí las tres telas (quilting) con costuras a 1/4 pulgada de distancia de las costuras que unen los cuadrados.

And I had fun with applique when I added a label.

Y me divirtí agregando un apliqué con mi etiqueta.

 I had a piece of fabric that had old fashioned scenes of children playing so I fuzzy'" to include one little scene in each block.

Me quedaba un corte de tela con escenas "vintage"que las corté para incluir pequeñas escenas infantiles a través del quilt.

I hope they like it and enjoy it!

¡Espero que les guste y que lo disfruten!


  1. Beautiful work. I'm sure the little one will treasure it. My grandmother made a similar quilt for my first child; he dragged it around with him and slept with it until it is just shreds now. "Now" being 55 years after his birth, but I still have the shreds.

  2. Que preciosidad!! Voy a tener que aprender a hacer estas cosas tan bonitas!

  3. Perfect quilt for a child; bright colors simple, shapes. I am sure it will get lot of "loving"


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