Friday, December 04, 2015

A finished top Burda 2 2014 No 117

 Finally finished this. Very easy to put together, no fitting to worry about with an oversized top.

¡Por fin lo terminé! Fue muy fácil de coser después de todo no había que preocuparse de entallarlo.

Once more I re-discover my love for wool crepe, keeps you warm without the itch and beautiful drape.

Una vez más vuelvo a descubrir lo mucho que me gusta el crepe de lana, dá calorcito pero no pica y tiene bonita caída.


  1. This is really cute and I LOVE that it's made from wool crepe. I'm trying to find ways to use the "business" fabrics from my collection and this is giving me ideas!

  2. Looks so comfortable and cozy!

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  4. That looks really sleek!


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