Friday, April 20, 2007


After working for months on this skirt from Interweave Crochet, I thought I finally had the gauge right and now it turns out it is too small (first time too big, second time still too big). I did not use the recommended yarn, instead used Red Heart Luster Sheen which another blogger had also used for the same pattern. I have decided to put it aside for a while and concentrate on the two baby quilts I have been working on and then finish a top I knitted for the summer with a pattern from Burda WOF (more details later).


  1. oh Lisette, how upsetting. This is the project that I'm keeping secret right now. I've swatched and started it from the cotton/viscose by DROPS, then abandoned that and am now making it in the old Rowanspun 4ply I have loads of. Thing is, I just decided to scrap the directions for shaping and am shaping it to match a skirt pattern draft for a knit a-line skirt. Otherwise I could see that this would fit the jolly-green.
    Now that I"m half-way done with the front, I kind of wish I were using 4ply cotton instead - it has more heft. oh well.
    What colors have you used?

    BTW, I followed the link over here from the comment you left on Shannons blog - the link to V1792 is incomplete.

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  3. Hi Marji
    For my skirt I used Red Heart Luster sheen. Because this was my first wearable crochet project, I didn't want to invest a lot on yarn and I liked the way Luster Sheen draped. I used black and off white like the pattern picture. I look forward to seeing yours.


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