Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I did get some sewing done the last couple of days, but with school ending and company arriving soon, my duties have claimed me and I haven't been able to review my new summer dress.
And yes I have a huge pile (20 cubic yards) of mulch on my driveway. Today with the (ah hum) help of my kids we started spreading it. I did get some satisfaction shoveling the stuff, which I never feel when shoveling snow.
Hopefully my next entry will be the review of the Burda WOF dress. Until then I will be shoveling...

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  1. Wow, Lisette, your pile is humongo. I hope by now it's spread! When Nick and I get a mulch pile, I always remind us, "Inch by inch,it's a cinch. Mile by mile, it's a trial". And who needs to pay dues to a health club when you can spread MULCH :) for free!


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