Sunday, September 09, 2007

Butterick 4976

I was all excited about finally using the black and white jersey from Gorgeous Things. It was the first fabric that Ann sold and I fell in love as soon as I saw it made up in the Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan dress.

Well, I don't have that pattern but the Butterick that looks a lot like it. However when I went to modify the pattern I noticed that the waist band sash does not fit the contrasting band of the fabric. I contacted Ann and she said hers just fitted the band. Well the Butterick patterns sash is folded down and then sewn unto the dress. Then I could split the band in half add seam allowances and put the sash and tie ends back together. Unfortunately, even though I bought three yards of the fabric I don't have enough of the contrast band to do this.
I believe the sash in the Cosmopolitan dress is part of the dress itself (right Ann?) and that is why it fitted so nicely on the band.
Well, I guess I have several options:
1. Buy the Cosmopolitan pattern and use the fabric or

2. Buy the Cha Cha dress pattern (which I also want) and use the fabric
make the Butterick with two other coordinating fabrics.

What would you do Ann?


  1. Hmmmm,now that I look at the pattern you are using I think see the problem. Do you want to make the tie-wrap out of the contrast as well?

  2. That was the plan, since the tie wrap will kind of cover the front waist piece, it would not show as much and at the back it would be just the tie adding the contrast before it comes back to the front to tie off.

  3. Thinking about this (and I really need to see the tie wrap pattern piece to see how long it is), I would either:
    A- go with a contrast wrap belt in a plain black, and make the midriff piece from the same fabric. You can then use the border as binding for the hem, neckline and sleeve


    B- drop back and punt. It might be easier to just go with one of the alternative patterns you mentioned.

    Does that help at all?

  4. The tie-wrap is two pieces 40 inches long each and the same width of the front waist panel(that gets folded).
    I didn't think of using plain black for contrast...yet I really want to use the contrast band.
    Thank you so much for your input, you are fab!
    I'll sleep on it...

  5. I remember that dress when Ann made it up (and the fabric too). I hope you find something that works!


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