Monday, September 24, 2007

Disappointing show

I love Martha Stewart. I love her taste when it comes to decorating and I loved her old shows where you couldn't help to learn something new everytime.

Her new show however has been nothing but disappointing. I started to watch it when it first aired (her triumphant return) and I decided that it was superficial.

Because today's show was about sewing and Tim Gunn was going to be there I gave it another try. Oh well, it was nice to see Tim Gunn but that was about it. The entire show was promoting...Pfaff sewing machine, Tim's show, Martha's new line at Macy's (which I can't wait to go inspect) and Martha's line at Michaels.

Did I learn anything? No. Not even a good project to try. And the show and tells from the audience? I know a lot of talented ladies on the net that could have really dazzled the viewers ( I kept thinking of Cidell and how Martha really missed out when she lost her number).

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