Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simplicity 4500 Skirt

I made this skirt with a beautiful wool gabardine from my stash. The fabric has a wonderful drape and it feels all swishy and feminine on.
Working with this fabric was a nightmare. You must believe what they say about gabardine. It was a bear to iron. Knowing that it was a hard to work with fabric I chose a simple design, but even simple designs require pressing to look good. I lined it with silver Bemberg rayon, the pattern does not include a lining so I just used the skirt piece and attached it to the facing, and with hand stitches and in the groove of the seam of the facing I tacked together the facing to the waistband. I also made a pseudo crochet chain with sewing thread to keep the lining attached to the fashion fabric at the hem. I used seam binding for the fashion fabric hem (I love how this finish looks!).
As you can see I have a beautiful coordinating wool waiting to be made up in the jacket ( I really like the version with the belt). The colors of the last picture are truer to life.


  1. I have never worked with gabardine before. Your skirt looks great!

  2. That is a really cute skirt!

  3. Well done! You were able to succeed with this very difficult fabric!
    ¡Muy bien! ¡Usted he conseguido hacer un óptimo trabajo con esta tela tan difícil!

  4. Your skirt turned out wonderfully! I find when working with gab, it helps to use a dauber (a rolled up piece of wool dipped in water) and a whole lotta steam! But don't use too much pressure when pressing. I get very zen about it.

    And if it helps, wool gabardine was the fabric that got me chanting, "La Sewing Diva, c'est Moi!" I wasn't going to let it win. :)

  5. Hi,
    I really like your skirt and was looking for the pattern on the Simplicity site. I don't get anything returned when I search for pattern number 4500. Is it out of print?

  6. Hi sew shy!
    I wasn't able to find it either!Your best bet would be to look in a catalog at the fabric store or ask Simplicity. It is not that old...the most two fall/winters ago.
    Good luck!


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