Thursday, January 10, 2008

Katia No 43 Modelo 37

I can't remember how long ago I started on this project. I kept putting it down and loosing interest. Maybe because I knew that all the details would not show with the yarn I was using (Sirdar Cossak, which I bought from Knit Picks when they sold other brands). This fall I decided that I was tired of looking at this poor UFO so I finished it. Well, I really like it! It keeps me very warm (wool/acrylic/viscose blend), and I really like the color. Mine turned out more fitted than the model's, I guess I could've made a bigger size.

I had to order the zipper from the Zipper Stop since it was and odd size. They offer excellent service.

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  1. I've never put a zipper in my knitting yet. I'm impressed!


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