Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Great Coat Sew Along

I have joined Marji's Great Coat Sew Along. I need a new tailored coat and I thought this was the best chance of it getting made when I actually needed. So here is the timeline:

May - Gather Materials - Done!!
June - Make Muslin
July - Construct coat
August - Lining and finishing

The sew along blog will offer the guidance of Marji and other experts. All participants will share their progress as they construct their coat/coats. Because this blog is closed to everyone except the participants I will share my progress here also.

I have chosen Burda WOF Sept 2005 102. It is a classic style that I plan to keep forever. The cashmere/wool coating I purchased in Pennsylvania Fabrics Outlet which is no more. On Friday I went to G-Street Fabrics and found a beautiful silk Jackard lining and cotton flannel for underlining. I also found gorgeous buttons which were really well priced for G-street.

This will be a fun project especially with the promise that you are not alone and every question can be asked and help will be gladly offered.


  1. Lisette.- me encantan tus planes para el abrigo. Gracías a Marji, también estoy en la página como "observador". Creo que esto va a ser un gran acontecimiento. Imagina!!! 75 abrigos, que emoción. Esto modelo que has elegido, yo lo hice cuando se editó la revista (no tengo fotos....) y te puedo asegurar que es una buena apuesta. Queda increible y el patrón necesita de pocos ajustes. Te deseo muchos éxitos para este proyecto. Saludos y hasta pronto. Paco

  2. Lisette, this is one of my favorite patterns and one I plan to make in the future too. I'm quite sure you'll do a wonderful job!

  3. This is going to be a fabulous coat Lisette!

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