Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What the Olympics is making me do

I am not a sports person, I love to swim but that is it. However I love to watch the Olympics, especially the summer Olympics. I keep telling myself that they only come every four years and that it is okay to drop everything, except my knitting, to watch it. So while I wait for some knitting help from a very kind contact at Ravelry (she's sending me her lace charts and changes she made to the pattern from Interweave Knits I'm working on) I casted on socks for DH. The yarn is Fibranature Yummy a 100% superwash wool that I got at my local yarn store. Of course I could sew together the crocheted skirt I finished months ago or the beautiful cotton tank top that I could wear now. But I can't do that while I'm watching the Olympics...so back to knitting socks.

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  1. LOL, I'm knittinh a red scarf instead! I can knit while I'm watching the TV, so that's what I did during the Olympics!


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