Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burda WOF 8/2008 118 Tunic

Well, here is my long sleeved version of this popular pattern. I finished it a while ago just as the temperatures rose so it sat waiting to be worn. The fabric is a very stretchy knit from my stash, I have no idea what the fabric content is, but it does wrinkle really easily. I extended the sleeves because I'm always cold although I really like the short sleeves. This was a very easy top to make. I probably won't make it again but if I do it will be the short sleeve version.


I have been working on the jacket from Simplicity 4500. I had made a muslin a long time ago, corrected the pattern and then put it away because the weather turned warm. I now finished interfacing all the pieces and wanted to keep a record of how I did it so that in case I wanted to change the techniques used in my next jacket. I followed Paco's great tutorial (here it is in English translated by Tany). I have also been reading Tailoring Ladies' Jackets by Mary Ellen Flury and I followed her suggestions for the kind of interfacing to use in the armhole: on the curve I used a fusible straight tape and the upper section towards the shoulder a fusible bias tape.
I highly recommend this book if you are interested in tailoring techniques, the book has excellent, clear illustrations and just as clear explanations of all techniques.

The interfacing in all pieces except the sleeves is fusible tricot, I used up all that I had in black and white.

I now need to find the time to cut out the lining and then I can start on the fun part: sewing!! This jacket is to go with the skirt from the same pattern that I already made

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  1. The tunic is cute! That is so much fusing on the jacket. I admire your dedication.


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