Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The mystery sewing machine

My brother and his wife were taking a walk in their neighborhood in north Jersey and found this lovely machine with its table on the sidewalk. They picked it up and brought it home. At first they thought SIL's Featherweight might fit in the table (are there any tables out there for the Featherweights?) but no luck so they asked me if I wanted the machine...of course!!

My brother hasn't been able to find a model number so that I can find the manual and find more info. Do any of you have any idea if there are any marks or branding that will help me out?

Thanks for any help!

ETA: Well, I was able to find through the Singer Website by inputting the serial number that my machine is Model or class 66 made around the 1950's. The confusing part is that there are several model 66 made in different years so I'll have to do more research... Here is a good website with more details on this model

International Sewing Machines Collectors Society

I also found helpful this entry:

Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi


  1. This looks very similar to my 15-91. It was a wedding gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother. She never liked to sew so I'm not sure it was the greatest gift for her, but it was era appropriate, and I'm thrilled to have it! If you look at this thread


    there is a post that lists how to differentiate the 15 series models. Have fun!


  2. Pretty! i haven't done anything to try to figure out the specs of my treadle, though I keep meaning to.

  3. My machine is from the 50's, and isn't that old-fashioney sort of thing. I think they made a design break in '55 to a more solid-block-of-metal design. No fancy paint; very austere and business-like.
    (Oh, and hi! I'm wanting to get back into sewing, and I've been lurking for a couple of weeks.)

  4. Hi km!
    The Singer website says 1950, I have to do more research...
    And welcome to my blog!

  5. that looks like the machine my mom had that originally was a treadle model that belonged to my grandmother that my father had electrified.

  6. Hi, Lisette, I just found your blog and have enjoyed 'rummaging' around on it. I am teaching myself to sew granddaughter clothes (4 under 3 yo + 1 on the way) and really enjoy restoring vintage sewing machines. Since your post on the found Singer sm is 6 years old, you may already know that your brother and his wife found a Singer 66-18 model sm. I hope you have enjoyed it. Manuals can be found on Ebay. The old ones are really well-made and usually only need a cleaning, extensive oiling, and regular owner maintenance to stay in service for years. BTW, I speak Spanish having worked at one point as a banker for a Cuban supervisor traveling Mexico and Central America.


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