Monday, February 02, 2009

Pattern Review Burda WOF 5-2004 # 104A

I find it wonderful that I can go to a Burda pattern magazine from 5 years ago and find a very current style top (at least I think so). Because it is so old I could not find the line drawing of it on their site so below is my poor picture.

I traced and modified this pattern, maybe not five years ago, but still a few years ago. I remember that the fabric I had intended for this top, similar to the one shown on the magazine came up short (on yardage) and so it has lingered in my working patterns box.

The berry rayon knit I ended up using I bought at Joann's; I couldn't believe they had rayon knits, so I also bought a tan color that is now waiting to be sewn. I really like the way the top turned out. The twist was not hard to figure out following Burda's instructions. I sewed the opening below the knot higher by about an inch and a half (it was really low!). The twist when the top is not on looks like it will be fussy to keep straight, but once you have it on you arrange it to your liking and it will stay that way (this top has very little ease and it fits nice and snug around the chest area). I really like the raglan sleeves in this design and this type of sleeve has shown up a lot in the latest issues of Burda.


  1. It's wonderful! Great job!

  2. It's really nice. I wish I was more comfortable with knits, I'm sure I'd love it so I'm going to follow your advice and will try to keep using them ;o)

  3. It's gorgeus!! I'm not sure I have this BWOF issue but I'll look it up!! (there are a lot of BWOF issues from 2004 and 2005 missing in my BWOF collection)


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