Friday, March 06, 2009

Burda WOF 12/2008 113 A Overblouse

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had the perfect fabric in my stash. The pattern is for knits and it has that pretty pleated neckline that we keep seeing lately in patterns and RTW. The fabric is a net with flocked flowers with the leopard print. Because of its sheerness and the fact that it didn't feel the softest against my skin I had held off for the perfect pattern. I had to use the lengthwise grain for the crosswise grain because that is where the stretch was. I lined the bodice with tricot from Emma One Sock that I originally bought for a skirt and never used.

This was an easy top to construct although Burda had some strange way of sewing in the sleeves that did not make sense to me. I sewed the shoulder/upper sleeve seam then attached front and back bodice to sleeve, finished the neckline and then sewed side seam and sleeve.

I'm happy with the result, I think I'll get more use out of it next fall.


Thanks Ann for nominating me for the Sisterhood Award, I enjoy being part of the internet sewing community very much. Now if there was someone left to nominate....


And thank you all for your birthday wishes. I had a nice day watching the snow fall and my kids enjoying our biggest snow storm. I also got some good sewing time, more FOs coming up.


  1. Really cute! You make sewing with mesh knit sound easy. I'm impressed. I did not find it easy!

  2. Espero que un día coser jersey será tan fácil para mi como para ti. Qué bonito el resultado.

  3. What a gorgeous looking top!!!


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