Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shetland Shorty from

I have had this project on my needles for almost a year. The weather got cold and I switched to winter projects so this waited until warmer weather. The lace pattern (4 row repeat) took a while to memorize and I ended up undoing my work quite a few times.

The yarn is Filati FF Sailor (cotton) that I bought from Elann as a full bag and at a very reasonable price. I made a medium which gave me plenty of ease, I wanted it with a loose and relaxed look. I made this to wear with a Burda WOF dress I made a while ago, I'll show a picture when I wear them together.


  1. Lovely! Well done!

  2. I am sorry if I sound stupid, but I have a weird question about this project. Initially after the long tail cast-on, it says in the project to K 9 rows. I was wondering (since she is using a circular needle) how do we do the 9 rows thing - do we just work in circles (normal like how a circular needle works ?) or did u just use two straight needles and work the base on them ? Please let me know if you get confused by my question

  3. Hi Soumya,
    In this pattern you're knitting on circular needles but you are knitting as if they were straight needles since you are not joining your knitting. So when it says knit 9 rows, they mean knit a row, turn your work, knit a row, turn your work and so on. You will stop when you have 9 rows of garter stitch. Does this help?

  4. Thanks a lot Lisette, that sure helps :) I was kind of confused by the circular needles. So, is it mandatory to use circular needle ? I am currently trying with straight needles, but they are not big enough

  5. I mean they are not long enough... I am struggling a bit, but I did the 9 rows :)

  6. They are not mandatory, I think because you are working with so many stitches it is easier to use them(straight needles are not very long and they will start getting really heavy). When you start working on the lace it will be easier to see your pattern as it won't be all bunched up on the straight needle. As your shrug gets larger the weight will be evenly distributed on the circular needle resting on your lap making it more comfortable to hold it. If you have any more questions let me know, I'll be glad to help :-)

  7. Thanks a lot Lisette,

    I am sorry to have bothered you ... :)

    It helped a lot. I will surely ask if I need more help.



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