Sunday, April 26, 2009

A week in review

I have been busy with my crafts but have nothing finished to share. I continue working on the baby quilt, below you can see a preview; I am in the middle of machine quilting.

I'm also making progress on Green Gable (I guess mine is White Gable). After working on lace I wanted something simple.

This past Thursday I was a chaperone for my son's ninth grade science class. We went to the Air and Space Museum in DC. They had a handout to complete and after we had some time to wonder around. I found out that Pucci had designed uniforms for the stewardess in the 60's. They had one sample and lots of pictures. Here is one of the pictures they had on display.

I spent Saturday at Hershey Park with my family. We had lots of fun and actually got to ride some roller coasters (my kids are not too keen on them). Their zoo only has native American animals and they have a good selection of specimens, lots of lizards and snakes which are favorites in our household.

I'm kind of tired today but I hope to get some more quilting done after I get everything ready for the school week (laundry, supermarket run, etc).

I got the new Burda WOF yesterday and enjoyed it while having my coffee this morning. There's a lot I like in it, it is after all the dress issue, but I'm also liking the plaid section especially this little vest

And this jacket/top

And lots more....

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  1. Busy weekend! I love your White Gables project.


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