Sunday, April 11, 2010

A gift of fabric

My mom used to sew a lot but not any more. She now knits and crochets instead. But she still has quite a stash of fabrics. Yesterday I went to see her and she gave me the fabrics you see posted here. The beautiful white silk she gave me last year for Mother's day, isn't gorgeous? This is a "good" fabric and so I'm looking for the right pattern.

From the left is a light weight cotton that will make a pretty tunic or full skirt, next is another silk damask for a blouse and the white silk; both could be made into dresses there's plenty of yardage.

The next photo from the left a stripe silk for a blouse and a rayon print that came from a Fabric Place (Michael's) ( they were selling it at $1.00 a yard a couple of years ago who could resist?)

Like many of you who are going to PR weekend in Philadelphia, I'm saving all my pennies, so this gift was received with great enthusiasm!


I have been working on the McCalls knit dress I mentioned in my previous post. It has given me all sort of construction issues, my fabric is extremely stretchy and doesn't want to behave. I think I finally got it, more details to come.


  1. Lissette - how did I miss that you were going to Pr weekend in Philly?! Woo-hoo! I'm going to get to meet you IRL ~ toooo kewl!


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