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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

McCalls 5752

I finally finished "the perfect knit dress" a few days ago, but the weather got cold and I hadn't worn it to show you. I wore it this morning not paying attention to the weather, I was cold.

As I said before I had construction issues because the knit I picked was very lightweight and stretchy. I added length to the bodice which I had to remove by taking a 1 1/2 inch seam allowance where the bodice joins the waistband. I also made the same alteration Amanda did on her dress which worked very nicely to remove the sagging of the neckline(thanks!). This pattern had a lot of extra instructions for modifications which was very nice, one thing it did not mention is that different knits will need different considerations.

This print had a lot going on vertically and horizontally and I'm really happy with how the dress turned out.

I had to share a picture of how the dress looked before I added the stay recommended in the directions. I had omitted it thinking that with the ruching there was a lot of bulk already in the waist, but oh! my! Didn't it look terrible? In the next picture you can see the stay; I used a rayon knit leftover from another project. If you look closely at the ruching in the back (it is hard to notice in my busy print yay!)you can see that it is a little droopy; I think that if I had made the dress with less ease the waistband section would have stretched and removed the droopiness, but with such a thin knit I didn't dare do that.

I now have a break between interpreting assignments and I'm changing my outfit. I believe in making some sacrifices for fashion, but I can't stand being cold =)


  1. It came out really cute! That print is awesome- very Missoni-esque :-)

  2. Your dress looks great, I get a lot of wear out of mine and I'm sure you will too when it warms up a bit!

  3. Terrific dress! The print is unique, and lovely. Nice sewing!

  4. Love the way it turned out! That print is great. And yes, the cold is so annoying! I want to lodge a protest against it.

  5. The fabric you have used in that dress is lovely and really was worth the work!

  6. As you said, it's the perfect knit dress! You look awesome!

  7. Love how this pattern design sits on you.

  8. I used that same material for a dress. Great job!


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