Monday, May 09, 2011

Meeting up with Andrea

Photo courtesy of Andrea

So what is better than spending the day at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with a knitting buddy? Spending the day with a knitting buddy who also crochets and sews! Conversation was never lacking!!

Andrea and I met for the first time at Philadelphia's Pattern Review weekend a year ago, and we made plans to get together this year at Sheep and Wool. We both had similar plans as to what we were looking for so we kept each other in line ;-) The weather cooperated and we had a gorgeous day. She drove down with her knitting group and they had set up a space under the trees so we had a relaxing spot to meet and rest and chat.

This year the festival was the biggest by far, many more vendors than in previous years, I agree with Andrea that Ravelry has had a lot to do with spreading the word about this fantastic event.

I had commented on her blog about Burda 7866 and how I couldn't find it locally, so she brought me a copy! She was wearing her version of this pattern, and I really liked it. She showed me how she treated the neckline, clever girl!, I believe she'll share on her blog later.

I'm almost done with my son's pjs and I look forward to working on the Vogue 1224, but first I have to finish working on my planters since I bought my herbs and annuals yesterday.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea in Chicago and couldn't agree with you more, she's just fantastic.


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