Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Simple designs

Burda 4/2011

Recently the trend has been for extremely simple, and easy to sew garments. Burda Style magazine is showing this trend as well as all the pattern companies. While I enjoy sewing complicated construction garments I love the look of simplicity, in the right fabric they bring a certain elegance. These designs sometimes mask our body shape but I'm okay with that I like wearing different silhouettes. From the latest Burda I like this elastic waist pants, I know some of you will gasp at elastic waists, but how comfortable to wear these pants will be in the summertime!

Burda 6/2011

This simplicity reminds me of Claire McCardell designs. A while ago while trying to find out more about her I purchased this book; I bought mine from The Strand in NYC using their website, but not at the current prices! I think I payed less than $15 including shipping. I have enjoyed reading about her life and designs, and I just pulled the book out again for inspiration.

I'm in the middle of a non-garment sewing project that I won't be able to share with you for a while, but soon it will require hand sewing so I will be able to start on a new garment...You can bet it will be simple!


  1. oh that burda dress is tempting...

  2. Love green dress too.

  3. I love it too. It is simple to sew and reminds me the dress from Burda No.5/2010.

  4. Simple is always a good thing, especially paired with comfort.


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