Thursday, May 03, 2012

Burda 5/2012 Pants 108

Please ignore the goofy look...
 I really liked the looks of these pants and I hoped that they would turn out to be a great basic. My experience sewing Burda pants has always been excellent, I cut a 40, I played with the ease at the waist a bit and I was done. Recently my waist has expanded (welcome to the 50s!) so I cut a 42 and when I tried them on they looked awful, wrinkles all the way down my back plus a baggy seat. To try to save them I took them in at the darts, center back and sides...they still look bad. So I took out my reliable Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina and shortened the back curve at the crotch. So it has all helped but those wrinkles at the legs are still there, even if they are less pronounced.
Obligatory back view
Next time I'm cutting the 40 and adjusting the waist, why didn't I just do that to start with?

The pants have a waist facing and side invisible zipper.

 The waist at the front is lower than the front

If you want to see fantastic jeans head over to Carolyn's blog, I'm so jealous!


  1. I really like the color combo of the bright sweater with the pants. I, like you, have expanded. But, have learned to just adjust from my 'normal' size. It seems easier to tweak. But, on face value made sense to just go up in size! I'm glad you saved them. They look great.

  2. Great save. I think they look great !!!

  3. Great pants. I think this may be a recycled Burda design as I made a remarkably similar style about two years ago.

  4. Your pants look good. Seems to me, that no sooner do you think that you have the pants fitting all sorted out - something happens and those darn pants don't fit as they should. I swear that there are elves in my closet that muck about with my clothes!

  5. I also think they look great!

  6. Pants! But truly, I think they look good. The wrinkles don't look like bad fit, they just look like ease to me.

  7. I think the pants look fine. I haven't achieved a pant without wrinkles yet. I thiink they are the hardest thing to fit. Have you watched Silhouettes patterns Web cast on pants fitting. Peggy shows on a live model what wrinkles mean and how to fix them.

    I love your vest in the previous post. That looks like a great pattern. And those shoes!!!Love them!


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