Thursday, June 14, 2012

New to me patterns and the next project

During PR weekend we had a pattern exchange. I took quite a few patterns with me with the idea that no patterns would follow me home. Of course I couldn't resist looking and therefore I found. Of the above patterns the two Vogues I picked up at the exchange, the Jalie vest I won at the dinner and the dress I bought. I liked the Jalie dress pattern since it first came out and then I was told that the Jalie method for binding the neckline was worth the price of the pattern, of course I caved in.

The vintage patterns below came from the exchange, they are all small sizes, but I figure if I didn't want to alter them for me I could use them in theater sewing in the future.

Right now I'm in the middle of organizing my cellar. We bought racks and extra bins and I'm almost done! I have enough room to also put my sewing and knitting magazines there which will clear up space in a few rooms, so I'm thrilled. What do I want to work on next? Well, these two fabrics jumped out at me to use in Vogue 1247, I hope there's enough fabric, I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Lovely fabrics for 1247, Lisette. One thing about vintage patterns: you can learn a lot about sewing techniques by reading the instruction sheets.

  2. The Vogue shirt pattern was one that I brought--don't know if anyone else brought that one too, but maybe it went from my stash to yours!

    Now you've got me intrigued about what the Jalie method for binding the neckline could possibly be!

  3. You are going to love the skirt on V1247!

  4. You have some lovely new patterns! That Vogue 1247 is a favourite of mine :)

  5. The Vogue 1247 top looks so cute! Can't wait to see your version. Also, I love your Shirley Paden sweater from a previous post -- great job in finishing that project!


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