Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pushing Daisies

The first DVD for this show was on my Netflix list and it came a few days ago. I had heard about the fashions in the show and was curious enough to take a look. It is a very visually pleasing show, beautiful sets, beautiful clothes and actually very funny, I found myself laughing out loud quite often.
I have only watched one episode and was surprised to see the dress below

 Of course my crochet dress came to mind!

Apparently the same dress from the show was available at Macy's at some point, but I made my own, thank you!


  1. Funny how sewists/knitters/crocheters are sometimes ahead of the sewing curve!

  2. Funny thing ... I had that DVD out from the library not too long ago. Yes, I noticed that dress, and yes, I thought of your lovely crocheted dress.

  3. I LOVED Pushing Daisies! And the styles that Chuck and Olive wore are fantastic!


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