Saturday, July 27, 2013

A denim shirtdress

Hello everyone!

Continuing with Burda Style June, this one is 120, I just cut a lightweight denim that I bought during PR weekend in NYC a couple of years ago.

I was on vacation last week and it seems my days in the summer are full and I have less time for sewing. I'm hoping to be productive the rest of the summer but this is a hobby and sometimes other things take priority.

That said I am really looking forward to sewing this one and wearing it soon!


  1. Love the lines of this dress - can't wait to see your one whipped up...soon!

  2. I remember the fabric you bought with a denim shirtdress in mind--from TrueMart! Can't wait to see how it looks!

    1. You have a great memory! That's the one!

  3. Es un modelo muy ponible que combinado con una tela bonita tiene un resultado espectacular, por aquí lo cosió Maider y nos dejó a todas atónitas, estoy deseando ver tu versión. Por aquí yo tengo varias cosas empezadas pero hace tanto calor que no tengo energía para coser.

  4. This is one of my favorite styles for summer. Easy to wear and always looks great.

  5. I like this style too, especially at the length in the fashion illustration.

  6. Seguro que te quedara muy chulo!

    Un beso


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