Sunday, August 11, 2013

Making hems extra pretty

 Since the denim shirtdress I'm working on called to make bias binding to finish the top edge of the pockets, I went ahead and made extra to use on the hems (skirt and sleeves). I know it takes extra time but I love the way it looks.

Como el patrón pedía tiras al bies para terminar el borde del bolsillo, decidí también terminar los dobladillos de la falda y las mangas. Ya sé, más trabajo, pero que lindo se vé!

To handle the curve on the pockets I ran a basting stitch on the seamline around the curve and pulled on the bobbin thread until I had the desired curve, perfect!

Para que la curva del bolsillo me quedara bonita, cosí una linea de puntos largos con la máquina y halé el hilo de la bobina (¿así se dice "bobbin"?) hasta que el borde se curvó como yo quería y perfecto!


  1. Ooo! that is a good tip about pulling the bobbin thread to get a nice curve!

  2. I'd never thought to finish a hem like that - it's so pretty!

  3. I love bound hems when I work with heavier fabrics.

  4. Lovely detail on that pocket! Little touches like that do make one feel proud, and know that what we've made is just a little bit nicer.


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