Thursday, December 19, 2013

A different kind of post - It Cosmetics

In my search for face products (moisturizers, foundation, concealers, etc) to smooth out the imperfections of my "lady of a certain age" skin, I came across the company It Cosmetics. You can read about the company here, I liked their philosophy plus the fact that they make products with anti-aging benefits. I figure that at least they would be moisturizing and in the winter my skin really benefits from extra moisture.

I ordered two products, a few weeks ago when they were having a really good sale, the foundation Your Skin but Better CC cream and the under eye concealer Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-aging Concealer.

The foundation/cc cream I applied after my regular moisturizer. It gives really good coverage for my broken capillaries and some dark spots and I thought that it did a good job of not emphasizing my pores. I really loved the concealer! Very creamy and very smooth to apply.

The pictures that follow were taken in the morning when the bags under my eyes are at their worst.


Now for full disclosure here are all the products on my face. I forgot to include the mascara.

I set the concealer with Bare Minerals  Multi Tasking Bisque in Summer Bisque and I also used it where I have broken capillaries. I have found that this product works really well in those areas. I gave my T zone a light dusting of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, a sample from Sephora.

Both products held up very well throughout the day

I'm not expecting perfection but I'm pretty happy with these products and I plan to look into others from this line. I bought these products, I'm not sponsored in any way by the company :-) All the pictures were taken without filters and were not touched up after the fact.


  1. Los productos han hecho bien su trabajo, si no fuera por el brillo de tus labios diría que llevas la cara recién lavada y con una piel estupenda. Este tipo de piel sólo la veo en mis compañeras de trabajo cuando vienen descansadas de las vacaciones, así que has hecho una compra fantástica.

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Lisette, the cosmetics do a great job! Your skin looks fresh and smooth even after the full day. I think you've got a winning combo going, which is always difficult to find. YAY! ~María

  3. Wow! Espero que esos cosméticos lleguen a España YA!
    Quiero aprovechar para desearte una feliz Navidad!

  4. I often forget how important skin care and a good foundation really is...I think you've hit the spot with this line of cosmetics, the results show no less!


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