Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Burda Style 9/2014 No 114

I had one panel of a black and white knit print and I struggled with how to use it. I wanted something different but of course I was very limited. Rather than making a raglan sleeve top, which are so popular right now, I decided to go for an oversized top.

Tenía un panel de tela de punto con un diseño en blanco y negro pero no era suficiente para mucho así que decidí hacerme un pulover de estilo bien amplio que ahora están de moda.

This pattern's neckline was very wide so I added a band to reduce the opening as well as adding about an inch to the opening, yes this is very wide.

El escote de este patrón es super ancho, además de agregarle una pulgada le agregué una banda.

I used the panel for the front and for the bindings and a textured black knit for the back and sleeves.

Usé el panel para el frente y para el fajín y los puños. Para el resto usé una tela de punto negra con una superficie trabajada.

It felt very strange to wear such a loose fitting top...flashback to the 80s. I like it and I have worn it several times already.

Me sentí un poco extraña con una prenda tan amplia...me sentía como si hubiera vuelto a los años 80. Así y todo me la he puesto ya varias veces.


  1. Nice use of the panel. It looks very comfortable to wear.

  2. I really like it. The whole look (with hair pulled back too) looks very fresh!

  3. Where did you get the textured black knit from? I love it!

    1. It has been in my stash many years, I don't remember. Sorry!:-(

  4. Love it! I agree it does feel a bit of a flashback to the 80s when wearing such loose clothing. But I'm quickly growing to like it :-)


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