Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jalie Patterns - Eleonore Pull-On Jeans

This pattern is hugely popular on Pattern Review and all I heard about during PR weekend in NYC in 2017.

Este patrón es super popular en  Pattern Review  y todos en nuestra cita en NYC hablaba del patrón y no podían creer que yo no lo había probado.

I know why now. What a great fitting pattern!!!!

¡Ahora sé por qué! ¡Qué bien queda!

I don't know how catalog photos get their pants to show no wrinkles!

I used stretch denim from my PRW2017 stash which I bought from the store that has been going out of business for a few years :-) I cut my size (I think it was U) and I made the waistband smaller based on reviews, which was the correct thing to do. I basically sewed them and wore them with perfect fit. What's not to love!

Usé una mezclilla que estira, que es necesario pues estos pantalones no tienen zipper. La tela la compré en NYC en mayo cuando nos reunimos con Pattern Review. La tienda tiene un letrero que dice que va a cerrar desde hace varios años :-) Corté mi talla (U) pero el fajín lo corté, basado en la experienza de otros, más pequeño. Quedaron perfectos.

Also check out the great video tutorial !

Miren el fantástico tutorial!


  1. I agree this is a great pattern, I must revisit it again soon. Your version looks great (don't worry about the real life wrinkles, I think we all know how catalogues get rid of those!), I made a denim pair too, t's such an easy way to get comfy jeans.

  2. Hi! Those look amazing. I just made a pair myself in twill and am thinking the next pair will be denim. Did you cut a completely different size waistband and ease it in? I've been experimenting with different swayback adjustments.


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